July 18, 2019


Mexico MTC


Hermana Janke

Fasts and Hospital Food

Buenos Días Todos!How y'all been? So sad, huh? Just can't go through your days without me? I totally get it. I'm a great human being. But you got this. ;) you can always email me when you miss me. Don't worry. I love you too. 
I cannot believe that I can say I only have 11 days left in the CCM. Not at all. I just got here yesterday, yeah? But I will say, I have grown so much already here. One month in the mission, and I confidently say that I know more Spanish. That I am closer to God and the people I love and will love. I had one of the most amazing experiences this weekend. My companion said that she was going to fast on Friday. So another companionship in our district and I decided to join her. We all have things that we wanted to fast for too, so while everyone went to dinner, we found ourselves a little TRC room and started our fast. We wrote down a list of what we were all fasting for and my companion said the prayer. It was so powerful. It sounded like a priesthood blessing. We sat and just talked about our inspirations and thoughts after, and no joke. We had a piece of heaven with us on earth. My companion shared that our future kids are watching me right now saying, "Go mom! That's MY mom!" There were angels with us in that room. I know it for sure. 
We taught an amazing relief society and the only reason I say that is because yet again, the spirit was very strong and testified us that what we had experienced was correct and completely true. And my companion lost her phone, so we ran all over the CCM trying to find it. Of course in the pouring ran. We were soaked. Head to toe. We found it. But that's why I have pictures with us wet and then some crazy natural hair goin on. 
Yesterday, my companion and I went to the hospital. She's been having a lot of trouble with her digestive system. So we get there and they hook her up to an IV. For why. We don't know. But they went to take an x-ray, and she needed to take her bra off.... but didn't do that before they stuck an IV in her. So we were just kinda like, "uh.... doctor....I can't get my bra off. There's an IV in the way." We laughed way hard at that. We stayed overnight, so guess who got to experience not only hospital food for the first time, but Mexico hospital food!? Yeah. I'm pretty sure that was hard to figure out. In order to do the test they need they have to clear out her stomach. Which is what we've been having a problem with. So she'll have to stay here for at least a couple of days. I'm only allowed to the one night. In the morning, another hermana took my place. They have a rule that the companion can only be there for 12 hours and can't take more than one "shift". Which is freaking dumb if you ask me. But I know they're for a reason, and I'm getting over it. Don't worry :) 
I've learned a lot and have been reminded that our happiness depends not on what that happens but solely the focus of our lives. How we react is the only thing we can control. Even in the midst of knowing that we were going to the hospital today, we walked around full of joy and smiles for everyone.  Because if I can't make this the "best day ever" for me, I can sure make it the best day ever for someone else. 
I love you all so much. Keep smiling. :) 
Hermana Ludlow

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