July 11, 2019


Mexico MTC


Hermana Janke

No sé.....

It is official. We are halfway through our stay at the CCM! So much as been happening. It is blowing my mind! First. Fast "Sunday." We ate lunch Saturday and fasted until lunch Sunday. It was absolutely the best. Ever. And it has only been my first fast Sunday on the mish! I bore my testimony in Spanish(which if you know me, I didn't do it much in English), and it felt really good. I don't know what it was. It might have something to do with......
The fact that my companion and I are the new Sister Training Leaders! So we are over our entire branch. Over all of the Hermanas. It is so amazing and spiritually strengthening to pray for people we didn't know, and so far, I have absolutely loved getting to know all of these women! 
Monday, we taught Oscar. He has a really close relationship with God and wants the same for his family. But is having a hard time. We asked him to read 2 Nephi 25, and he told us he shared his thoughts and the scriptures with his family! As the lesson continued, my companion taught about the great apostasy  I taught about la restoration, and we both testified. Gave him a pamphlet and asked him to read and discuss it with his family. We said a prayer. I asked God to bless Oscar and his family. That they could feel of his love and that as they turned to him, they could know that what we said is true. We started to leave and then my teacher broke character and told us that we had just given him the best lesson he has had in the CCM.... I am so mind blown. I really could feel the spirit, but I had no idea! 
Tuesday, we had PROMIX! So we have splits with a Latina district for a whole day! My companion for the day and for Saturday and next week too was/is Hermana Wurttele (Buortalay). She is so sweet and funny! She taught me words to not say because they mean completely different things. Like someone might think embarrassed in spanish is embarasada but that means pregnant! Also. Pelo in spanish is hair, but pedo is fart. Be careful y'all. 
As part of our responsibilities as Sister Training Leaders, we are planning the Relief Society lesson this Sunday, and are preparing talks as well. Thankfully, all on the Plan of Salvation! So I got dis. Another responsibility is we welcome all the new districts into our branch. Answer questions, tell them they'll be okay and such. We did this last night before a meeting we had and let me tell ya. It is so sad. We only received 4 hermanas! 4! In 2 districts! So sad. But they're so sweet! Love them all. 
The last couple days I've had a line or so from the song "Homeward Bound" stuck in my head, and it is very applicable. 
"Set me free to find my calling, and I will return to you somehow." 
Les quiero mucho
Hermana Ludlow ❤


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