June 27, 2019


Mexico MTC


Hermana Janke

P DÍA Semana....2???

!Hola todos! How to summarize my past 9 days in one email.... how to remember all that has happened in the past 9 days....First. HOLY FREAKING CRAP THIS PLACE IS SO PRETTY. The weather is so nice, and I wish it was like this in Arizona and Texas, but alas, it is not. Mi compañera is literally the best. Her name is Hermana Janke (Jay-ng-kee). We are basically  the same person. It blows our minds how alike we are! So she is 5" 6' and as you know I'm 6". But we walk at the same pace. Doesn't make sense to us either 😂 she is obsessed  with lemon as well. The lemon drops I brought are already long gone. Now here is the real kicker. We have the same birthday.  Yes. You read that right. The same birthday. And we went through the temple on the same day. It is insane! Definitely an inspired companionship. She has helped already through so much. I am so grateful for her. My district is so supportive as well. Not one of them has ever made a comment about my height, and it has surprised me! No group has ever done that. We help each other with our spanish because it truly does need a lot of help. Haha I'm attaching pictures of them. Don't worry. ;)Qué más.... the devotionals and classes here are so amazing. One of my favorite lines from one of them is this. "God has faith in you, so why don't you have faith in yourself?" Loved that so much. Still do. Before I forget,  there's a website where you can send emails, and they print them out as letters at the postal. So you can write me anytime of the week, and I can have them with me always :) you can also send packages through it, but I'm not sayin I'm just sayin. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week. I've been smiling all day :)
Le quiero 
Hermana Ludlow ❤
P.S. yeah I know we're cute

Site below is for daily emails and packages. :)
Need to know: District 4D and Leaving July 29


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