October 3, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Weaver

18 months and 1 day

This week was a kicker! I got hit on both sides with sickness so we were a bunch of bums this week. It was miserable, being sick as a missionary is no fun because we have no movies or any form of entertainment and nobody is allowed in our apartment (so no visitors) so we were just dying of cabin fever and actual fever but it's okay, we are getting a little better I think! haha We still tried to get out there are work and we were able to find some new investigators! It's funny, getting started tracting is always a struggle but once I start I never want to stop. We were forced to stop Monday night when we ran out of cards and pamphlets and Books of Mormon and it was dark outside....

We were able to go to the General Womens Broadcast this Saturday night and we went early to help with the Just Serve project that was going on. There are a lot of refugees in NC and we teamed up with Lutheran Group Services to help refugees. People donated so many things it was insane how full the rooms of donations were. I was proud to be among such generous people. The messages that were shared that night were so good. President Uchtdorf is always a fave!!

Sister Weaver and I and the Elders were asked to teach Sharing Time in Primary this week. It was so fun. I love Primary! We each shared why we love our missions, a story about someone we've shared the gospel with, and then they got to pretend to be investigators and ask us questions about the gospel. Junior primary was my favorite. We sneak in the back right before sharing time starts and Danica on the front row looks back and points at us and says "WHO THE HECK ARE THEY??!!" We were like "Come on y'all, it's us, the missionaries!!" hahaha The best one liner was when the Elders asked the kids if anyone knew what Faith was. One kid raised his hand SO excited so they called on him to answer and he says "Oh I know!!! It's the first day of Fall!!" We busted up laughing, it was so cute. Despite the silliness these kids are so solid. They are so excited to be missionaries and share the gospel with others. They love the scriptures and their families. I was once again reminded of why Jesus commanded us to be like little children. They have strong faith.

We were able to see the Brown family this week! Missionaries and ward members haven't been able to get in for months. Sister Dye my last companion was one of the missionaries who found and baptized their family, so with that connection I decided I was going to get into their home this transfer, because I heard how elect they were at the beginning. Well we finally got in to teach a full lesson this week! It was the best thing ever. Sister Brown is a single mom with 3 busy kids ages 5, 9, and 11. They love the gospel and love the scriptures and love the missionaries. I honestly don't know why people were having a hard time getting up with them, we had the best lesson Friday night. Sometimes it just takes the right timing I guess. The kids didn't want us to leave!! After we said a family prayer with them they all gave us the biggest hugs and made sure we were coming back next Friday. My heart just melted, especially hearing little 5 year old Nyla praying with her little southern accent. So cute. Being a missionary is the best thing in the world!!!!! The gospel truly blesses families and strengthens individuals.

Well, I have 16 days left to be a full time missionary! Prayers that I get better ASAP are appreciated so I can give it my all out here. I love y'all so much!!!!

-Sister Wilcock


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