October 3, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Weaver

GC snacks and Bluegrass

Hey y'all!

Brayson dude you are such a stud!!! 200# Champion?! Holy crackers that is crazy awesome, you are so cool!!!! I was just dying watching the video during emails, all the Elders and Sisters were like "What is that?" And I was like "Yo it's my brutha!!! NBD." hahaha

This week we started feeling a little better, now it's just snot and a cough but we have more energy.... hahaha Just in case you wanted to know ;) We were able to go downtown with our Elders in Raleigh 4th and they had 80 flyers for us to pass out about General Conference. I decided to make it a competition to see who could pass out the most the fastest. I won and passed out everyone elses too. Just saying. Except I have an unfair advantage being a Sister, people are nicer to us I think... But they went WAY too fast! There was a bluegrass festival happening and there were crowds of people! It was so fun! I decided to buy something from one of the venders and started making conversation with him. Turns out he's from Twin Falls Idaho and was friends with many Mormons back in the day! Who would have known. Got to talk to him about what we do as missionaries. It was awesome.

We also had so many great lessons this week! Every single lesson was with a member present or in a members home. How great it is when members are willing to open their homes to us. There is something different about a home where the gospel is present. It really is like a temple, a great place for learning. I love it.

The highlight of the week was totally General Conference!!! We watched the first 3 sessions at the Raleigh Stake Center with all the other missionaries! Elder Hunsaker is a master chef and will also be an Apostle one day, but anyways, he decided to make us all TONS of snacks. We had so much fun. General Conference is the best time as a missionary. To be honest, church is just CRAZY and stressful cuz you're watching for people and making sure your investigators know where to go etc etc but General Conference we can just sit back and relax and be uplifted and edified. THE BEST. It really is like refilling my spiritual tank. All my anxieties and worries just seemed to melt away.

After the Sunday morning session some people from the Spanish branch came to the church and we all had a fiesta! They let the English missionaries crash. So grateful because all I had left to eat was a protein shake... The Mexican food was so good. They were trying to convince me to switch to Spanish for the rest of my mission but then I said I had already been out for over 18 months.... It's the weirdest feeling when people tell you all the crazy things about going home! haha I'm not worried though it will be fun.

We were able to watch the last session at Bishop Da Ponte's house with Darlene Oyemaja our investigator and Shaunti Smith a recent convert. The Bishop and his wife done good, they made us so much food I was bursting out the seams by the end of conference! Bishop is Italian and used to sell food for a living, and he makes the BEST crepes ever, he made us some after conference and HOLY COW thought I died and went to heaven. Love that family! Darlene and Shaunti thought it was the most special treat. We all had a great time.

Conference ends at 6pm out here, so after that and dinner we decided to go tracting to find some more people to teach! It kind of failed because some lady yelled and us and threatened to shoot us and Sister Weaver stepped on a frog and killed it and cried and then some LA had an emergency we had to help her with. Kind of bummed we didn't get to tract.... Weird haha but it's true! I love talking to people.... especially about Jesus.

I had my last district meeting last week, that was really strange! And sad! We have a huge zone conference in Fayetteville tomorrow, I'm excited! We get to wear pants. That's the best part. Also I get to go to the temple this Friday!!! Did I ever tell you Raleigh has the smallest temple in the world? By one square foot. It's so cute.

I am going to KILL IT this week and find so many people to baptize!!!!!! Just saying!!!

Okay love you all!!! See you soon!!

Sister Wilcock


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