September 5, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Weaver

Transfer 13 in Raleigh 4

Hey family!!

Let me tell you about my crazyyyyyy week!

First of all, transfers. Best thing ever. I drive up with Sister Dye and as soon as we get out Elder Niko (the one who saved my life in Pittsboro and is now my new ZL in Raleigh) says "Hey! You're baby is back! She's AWESOME! Go find her!!) So I freak out and some other Elders call me over and I'm all annoyed because I'm trying to find Sister Weaver, but they say "Sister Wilcock! Guess who we saw! Sister Weaver! Ya she's inside, she is so cool!" I'm like "Thanks Elders I already know that I gotta go find her!!!!!" hahaha So I'm running around and I go inside but I can't find her anywhere, and there's crowds of missionaries everywhere, and so I go back outside and go into the mission office and right as I turn the corner.... BAM Sister Weaver is there and I dropped everything and gave her a BIG HUG!!! It was the best moment ever! I am SOOOOO HAPPY she is back in the NCRM!!!!

So we are both new the area, so is our entire District.... Our District Leader is also training, and none of us know what is going on. The Elders had the car this week, and both of our bikes were broken, and there was a tropical storm, so it was a little crazy. We still got out and met a lot of people! Got sunburned and sore, but that's good out here. The members are AWESOME and are helping us fix our bikes, and they fed us meals and even went to some lesson with us! They love the missionaries. They are so sincere as well. It is probably the best missionary ward ever. There are a lot of crazy people in downtown Raleigh.... It's kind of the Ghetto..... but it's fun! Makes for an adventure! Gonna get some pepper spray today haha

Our Bishop is from Italy! His name is Luca Da Ponte. He is SO cool!!!! Such a good guy. He's one of those Bishops that just gets it. Ward Council on Sunday was fantastic. He runs this ward with grace. Definitely has the Spirit! I am SO glad to be here. We are going to have a good time in this ward and work hard, because I want to be legendary! Also I want to baptize people. We are already on a roll!

I'm sorry I don't have much time to finish this email, I still have to do My Plan today...... haha See y'all soon!

-Sister Wilcock


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