August 29, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Dye

Leaving the Promised Land

Hola familia!

Mama, de su espaΓ±ol es muy bien, yo no hablar espanol pero yo como (comi?) pupusas de El Salvador que es la misma cosa

Okay so maybe I have no idea how to conjugate Spanish or use the right grammar... or words.... but I tried. haha

Yesterday we really did eat the BEST pupusas in the world, the Hermanas recent convert Isabel invited us over to learn how to make them and we ate SO MANY! She is dating someone in the Spanish branch, and his kids are in the YSA, they are the COOLEST family. 2 of them just got home from serving missions, their daughter Monica is the one who found the Kiningas. I love them so much. I obviously can't speak Spanish when I am there but Isabel and I are still friends, I know we would be tight if I knew Spanish. haha I decided I need to study Spanish so I can make more friends.

Tender mercy of the day, we were invited to 3 dinners last night, and we couldn't say no because all of them had teaching opportunities (members were inviting friends over for dinner and to meet us.) So we prayed really hard Sunday afternoon after church that our stomachs would be able to handle all 3 meals. One was with Latinos who always like us to eat a lot, another was with a YSA kid who cooks like Paula Dean, and right when we thought we were going to literally POP our third dinner cancelled. Pretty sure Heavenly Father heard our prayers. The sacrifices we make for salvation..... πŸ˜‰ haha It was a fun night though!

This week we found 4 new investigators, all of which seem really solid. One was a referral from the Spanish Elders, they tracted into a Neisha and her 12 year old daughter Tatiana. They are from Jamaica (man). πŸ˜‰ We went over and taught them the Restoration! During the lesson we were asking lots of questions, and Neisha said she felt just like Joseph Smith when he didn't know which church to join. She studies with the JWs but attends a Methodist church. Not because she considers herself Methodist, but because it's close and she feels guilty for not going to church on Sundays. She doesn't really know where she belongs, and she is looking for the truth, just doesn't know where to find it! That's what I call a golden investigator. She accepted the Book of Mormon and said she was excited to read it. She said the closing prayer and thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to her door. There are so many people out there searching for the message we have, it is really neat to when we find them.

Another person we met this week was Mia! She is SO CUTE! Collin Simpson, a RM in the YSA texted us this week and said that he had a referral for us. He met Mia in his first class at NC State. They were talking before class just for a little bit and after Collin explained he took 2 years off for Missionary Work Mia exclaimed something like "Oh my gosh! You're a Mormon! I've been looking for one since I got here!!" She had been taking lessons in Colorado all Summer from the Sisters there, and after she moved she lost contact with the Sisters and didn't know how to find them again. She had been praying she'd be able to find missionaries again, and Collin saved the day. She is also a golden investigator. Towards the end of our lesson she said "By the way, I ALWAYS say the closing prayer, and we HAVE to kneel." Sister Dye and I were like ".... okay fine, if you insist...." (while we were actually smiling bigger than Buddy the Elf inside.) hahaha She is adorable.

The other family we found was Kendra and her 4 kids! We were on our way to do service at Sister Wisers house on a Monday night, we invited some less actives and we were going to have a lesson afterwards, but then our less actives cancelled, and Sister Wiser called and said "Oh the Elders just finished the service, we might not need y'all to come anymore!" Sister Dye and I were bummed because those were our solid plans for the night. We were right around the corner from their house, so we just stopped by to see if we could change.and we'd go knock the block. We asked Sister Wiser if she knew anyone around the area we could go teach, and she said "There was an investigator here a long time ago the Sisters taught, we used to talk a lot, maybe you can go teach her!" She texted Kendra and we all headed over to visit her! Kendra is a single mom with 4 little kids, the oldest is probably 7 or 8. She works at Hardee's (which is literally Carl's Jr just a different name in the South). She is the nicest lady ever. Her kids are SO cute and well behaved. Sister Wiser is a really good missionary and she is so sincere and such a good friend, which is exactly what we love our members to be. We shared Ether 12:27 with her and set up a return appointment. She was excited to meet with the missionaries again.

I have LOVED serving in Cary 2nd ward, but my time here is coming to an end.😒 Sad to be leaving this beautiful place and all of my new friends. Cary will ALWAYS have a place in my heart. It has been my favorite area in all of my mission. I have loved them all, but Cary has just been the cherry on top. I can't be too sad though because I am excited for what lies ahead. I am going to be serving in the Raleigh 4th ward with SISTER MAGGIE WEAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am BEYOND excited that we get to be companions again!!!!!!! We are going to light Raleigh 4 on FIRE.πŸ”₯ It is downtown Raleigh, not far from Cary at all, so I will get to come back for the upcoming baptisms we have planned!!! Very grateful for that. We will both be new to the area so we'll have to figure everything out together, but we got this. We get to drive the new Altima in our area so that's exciting. haha It's the little things y'all...

Also grateful I have been released as a STL. LOVED my time serving the Sisters of the mission, but ready to be a normal missionary... haha Also at our missionary leadership meeting on Friday President James told us he was calling a special meeting next transfer to yell at us and I am missing it by one week so that's a plus. hahaha He won't really yell at us, but he's gonna throw down if you know what I mean. Gotta do that every once in a while. πŸ˜‰

So today is my last first day of my last transfer. Don't know if that makes sense, but that's okay, all it means is I got 6 weeks left to serve the Lord with all I have!!!!!!!!

We have a big zone activity today to finish out the Olympics. It's been a good run in The Peoples Republic of Apex. I'll miss this place.

Love y'all!

Give life all you can. There is only so much time we have to live and serve our Father in Heaven. Don't use your time doing things you don't love. Make the most of what you have. BE HAPPY!!!! SERVE!! MEET WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!! READ THE BOOK OF MORMON!!!

Families can be together forever, we can live meaningful lives, we can change the world!! That's all I gotta say! Follow the promptings of the Spirit and great things can happen.

-Sister Wilcock


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