July 11, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Higgins

This Week

Quick update because my computer is being weird and keeps shutting down....

We had 2 beautiful baptisms this week! The ward was awesome and helped out, it was crazy for us, but we got it done. It is always special to be a part of these.

The ward keeps asking when transfers are, they don't want us to leave and we don't want to leave either!! We decided to petition President James to let us stay here until we go home. Already gathering signatures. ;)

Had a birthday party at the Kiningas. Chris requested Macaroni and Cheese because their family doesn't know how to make it but they LOVE it. Sister Higgins pretended to know how to make this American staple food and it turned out AMAZING. We made it Saturday night and warmed it up in the oven during church before heading to the Kininga party. It got a little less crispy on top so we asked to heat it up for a minute before serving it. A few minutes later the apartment was smoking up and Chris RUNS to the kitchen, pulls out the mac and cheese and is freaking out!!!! We look over and it's IN FLAMES!!!!!! He was like "nooooo! no no no no!" We blew it out and he picked out all the burnt pieces. The Kiningas and all their African friends still loved it. Mac and Cheese. It's legendary. Who knew?! hahaha

Funny moment during Skye's baptism.... Right as Brother Jorgensen is putting her in the water she had a panic attack and was fighting him away. She came up choking and laughing SO HARD. It was the funniest baptism I have ever witnessed. We all sat in the bathroom and laughed our heads off for a few minutes before going back into the RS room. Skye and us are like BFFS. I love that girl.

Bilyana's daughter Lucy came to church with her for the first time. I was very worried because Lucy is extremely shy. It was awesome to see some of the young girls in Primary reach out to her. By the end of the day I kept seeing Lucy playing with the girls and Bilyana looking for her in the hallways. Kids are powerful missionaries! Lucy LOVED church!

Still working hard! Transfers are coming up, we want to stay together again so bad but will do whatever the Lord has in store for us!

Love you lots! Thanks for all you do.

-Sister Wilcock


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