June 29, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Higgins

Good Morning America

Yo family! Another great week in Cary 2/Raleigh YSA!

Some highlights: I finally tried Dame's Chicken and Waffles in Durham, NC. Higgins got special permission to take a little road trip with our investigator for home girl's b-day. BEST. FOOD. EVER. If anything could cure cancer and bring world peace it would be chicken and waffles.

We found a new investigator in the YSA (something we have been praying for.) Nathan Anderson just returned from his mission in Milan Italy (where he trained Elder Pack, my favorite home teaching at BYUI!!!!) Anyway, he had a friend he brought to church, we introduced ourselves and began meeting with her! On our first lesson the Spirit was so strong. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted. She is already going to institute and has done all her "homework". She is the best! And Nathan is the best for being a stellar member missionary!!!

We had zone conference on Thursday, it was great! The Zone Leaders and us made a video about being healthy on the mission (gaining weight is always a topic at zone conference, it cracks me up.) #TheSouth Thanks to the Elders request, our missionary work out tutorials, and my extremely basic video making skills we had everyone laughing. Throw in some 70's music (I don't know if it was Happy Days or Up With People) but we even got President and Sister James laughing. #Score

Friday we had an all-day meeting in Knightdale. These are some of Sister Higgins and I's last meetings. (not to get trunky.....) I love them, but I am so excited for when I don't have to sit on my bahukee all day. Breaking news, Sister Missionaries can now where hats and sunglasses. Didn't know those weren't allowed before hahaha at least I can be legal now. I love getting counsel from President and Sister James! I always get more motivated to be better and to be a good example.

Saturday we had a lesson set up with our investigator Amy at the Raleigh temple. We saw her drive up and went to meet her at her car. Best surprise was when her fiance Michael got out of the car too, with their son Carter. Michael has been hesitant to meet with us, but he came to the temple for our lesson. It was the sweetest thing! We went to the lobby to teach a short lesson and feel the Spirit, and Carter their 3 yr old son wanted so badly to go inside the actual temple! He started crying because he wanted to go in so bad. We made our way out of the temple lobby to the gardens, but it was awesome to see Michael comfort Carter and say that although they can't go in now, he promised him they would go together someday. This little family is doing great things.

Wednesday I was on exchanges with Sister Smith who is currently being trained in Pittsboro, my old area! We have a list of YSA's that we do not know, or who Bishop wants us to check on, and so with our member (who is going to the Tucson mission in July!) we said a prayer to see if we felt inspired to try anyone in particular. I felt prompted to go visit Roxie White in Raleigh... Coolest thing of my life!!! Roxie=cool because she is from East Mesa. Shout out to the 480. Her family is originally from Snowflake, and she lived right by Skyline while we were growing up! (Friends with Hannah Lorsch, Kenny Schank, etc.) We hit it off on the doorstep. It was a very inspired visit, to say the least. I got to sit by her at church on Sunday, it was the best.

The Kiningas are doing stellar!!!! Chris, their older brother, set a baptismal date for mid July. They are active participants in Sunday School and everyone just loves them. Deborah and Emmanuel went to the temple, and to youth conference this week!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited. An awesome lesson we had with them was when we were teaching Chris, and Jen (the mom) was there too. She doesn't speak English, so we sometimes have a hard time knowing if she really understands. We asked her to share with Chris her thoughts about the Sacrament. After she testified to him, we asked Chris to translate for us. He told us what Jen said and why she said it was so important for her to go to church every Sunday. Sister Higgins and I were blown away. It was obvious that Jen understands this gospel and has a strong testimony of the Atonement and the Sacrament. I think the gifts of the Spirit have played a big role in the Kiningas conversion. #GiftOfTongues #It'sRealKids

Bilyana is still preparing for baptism! She is so cute! Her and our investigator Skye are planning on being baptized July 7th. Skye came to church!!!!!! Finally! She was coming for a while but stopped... And we have been doing everything humanly possible to get her to wake up before 9 (lol). She came and looked so happy. She got up and left right after the water tray came around... We just thought she went to the bathroom. Anyways, after the Gospel Principles lesson she asked if we could meet with her that night. We said sure, and had a lesson at 8:30 that night. During our visit she told us about a special experience she had while taking the Sacrament. As she took the bread and water she had this overwhelming sense of peace and love fill her soul. There was a burning in her heart she could not describe. (She was even sobbing as she told us.) She had to leave during the Sacrament because she was crying so hard. (we had no idea). While she was trying to "recover" in the lobby, Sister Council (a convert, who's husband is in the stake presidency now) went over to comfort her. She said a prayer with Skye, and Skye said it was another conformation that what she is doing is right. She has wanted to be baptized for a while, she has just been afraid because of family pressure (her husband is Muslim and siblings are Baptist.) Coming to church was hard for her to do, but she did it, and the Spirit spoke to her there. That night she told us she was ready to be baptized. We planned her baptism, and this morning she had her interview. The Lord answers prayers!!!! Sister Higgins and I cried too! It was a special experience. Sky even got to sit by the Kiningas, they are already friends!

I don't have time to tell you the rest of the awesome things that happened this week, just know that missionary work is the bomb, and I love it, and the Lord love you!

<3 Sister Wilcock

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Love you all!!


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