June 10, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Higgins

The best 5 things!

It's been a good week in the mission!

Miracles happening every day.

Miracle #1- We had new carbon monoxide detectors put in our apartments sent from SLC for every missionary. Ours went off so many times we were a little freaked out... But we didn't die so that's a miracle! Looks like it was just a lemon, we have to get a new one! So that's good news!

Miracle #2- We had two less-active members come back to church and partake of the Sacrament. One of these members hasn't been to church in years. He is officially "re-activated" and has his sights set on the temple! Sometimes it just takes Sisters to go bring them back. ;) The first time this man came back to church he came late, his hair messy and a black shirt with jeans, but this Sunday he had a freshly ironed white shirt and tie on and looked so good, ready to participate in an ordinance of the gospel. It made my heart so happy to see him there, in the chapel even before us, ready to listen and feel the Spirit! Sometimes people just need a reminder. And that's all we really do :)

Miracle #3- The Kiningas are so ready for baptism! Their interview is tonight! The family came to church on Sunday, our friend Drew translated into French for Jen (the Mom) and they were inviting everyone in the ward to come see them be baptized. THIS IS MY FAMILY! I have prayed my entire mission to baptize a family, I am so looking forward to this Saturday.

Miracle #4- Danielle was baptized, and Ethan baptized her!!! Danielle is our investigator from Brazil! She was baptized yesterday by her husband Ethan. Ethan quite smoking so he could perform the baptism, and Danielle's mom came into town from Sao Paulo. Crazy story: Earlier this week when Vivian (Danielle's mom) was still in Brazil, the Sister Missionaries contacted her. She told them she was leaving to America to visit her daughter and see her get baptized, but that when she comes home she would love to learn more. During the baptism Vivian was crying so hard. She felt the Spirit so strong. Our Stake President, President Bodhaine testified of eternal families and the temple. It was if he was speaking directly at Vivian. She just melted. He then invited her to be baptized one day. It was the most powerful baptism I have ever attended. Ethan spoke about the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was so emotional as well. THIS IS MY FAMILY. Their goal is to be sealed in the temple June 5, 2017, and Elder Zwick of the First Quorum of the Seventy has offered to come back and seal them when that time comes. (Mom and Dad, we will be taking a road trip, mark your calendars.)

*side note-This is the first baptism of someone I have taught that I have been able to plan and be a part of! I was SO NERVOUS it is not even funny. I think because I was overcoming an illness and it was fast Sunday and I was nervous I felt like I was going to pass out all day! Such a drama queen, I know. It was so funny. Higgins and I had a blast getting ready for it. She was so chill, but I was freaking out. Story of my life. hahaha But we survived! It was beautiful.

Miracle #5- Fast and testimony meeting was so good. The best part was seeing so many ward members share their experiences and testimonies about missionary work. They mentioned us (Elders and Sisters) by name, shared stories they have had with their friends, neighbors, and even complete strangers, and bore powerful witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. This has been something our mission, and our zone have been working on. Cary 2nd ward has not had a baptism for over a year and a half. I think that the members of the Cary 2nd ward have seen their faith increase as they are invited to help us in our missionary efforts. The Spirit they feel and the joy they experience is something I cannot describe.

This ward is on FIIIRREEEE (fireee, fireeee) <--insert Alicia Keys song

I love my mission!

Also, Higgins and I are staying together!!!! We begged President enough times... haha ;)

I love you all!

Hope you see some miracles too this week!

-Sister Wilcock


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