May 16, 2016


Raleigh North Carolina


Sister Higgins

"The Tri Wizard Tournament has Begun"

Hello family!

Thanks for all the awesome emails and letters and pictures. I have the best peeps back home. :)

Some of you might be wondering about my intense Facebook mania. I guess I'll let you in on what's happening in the Apex Zone ;)

Sister Higgins and I decided at the beginning of the transfer that we needed some way to have fun as a Zone. Apex zone is known as the "Splash Zone" (at least we call ourselves that) because of the high number of baptisms in the area. We have some amazing hard working missionaries that do good work here. Sister Higgins and I love it! We didn't want these missionaries to get burnt out (as you easily can in a high functioning area) so we created a way to unify our zone and the districts within the zone while continuing to work hard and have fun. We also focused on our mission's new goal of working well with members.

We created what is called the Apex Zone Triwizard Tournament!!!

If you are familiar with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire you will get the reference. Higgins and I are both obsessed with Harry Potter so that helps.

The set up of the "tournament" is that we named each District after a Hogwarts house (Gryffindor, Slytherin, HufflePuff, Raven Claw). Ours are called Cranedor (Asian district) Splytherin (Spanish district) and Beaver Claw (Beaver Creek district). Each of them will be "competing" for the house cup at the end of the transfer. We have one activity every week for them to focus on, and they each lead in to each other.

First was using Facebook effectively. (That's why the Facebook went crazy) I'll have you know Sister Higgins and I won with our video, but we aren't going to tell the zone that. ;) You could receive 10 points to your house for every like, and 15 points for every share. The purpose was to follow Mike Hemmingway's advice and make FB more personal while staying uplifting!! I think it worked, and the zone had fun.

The focus this week is finding new investigators. The goal isn't to "find the most investigators", but rather to find using all the "finding nets" we have and improving from last transfer. The District will have to work together to improve their finding from the previous transfer.

Next weeks focus is using members while teaching! The goal is to have a member present at every lesson taught (at least with the new investigators you found the previous week!)

The last week is called Platform 9 3/4. The goal is to get your new investigators to church (because that's where the Spirit is and the magic starts!) ;)

We thought it would be a fun way to get the missionaries more united in the Districts and keep working hard!! So far it has been a success. Everyone is having fun and staying focused. We might just be legendary!

Aside from the goofy missionary games we do.... This week has been amazing!

We have set 7 baptismal dates together! All of them are amazing! The Kininga family is doing so well. The ward is so involved with them. Danielle is also doing so good. Biliana is our newest investigator, she is the most excited to get baptized out of anyone I have ever seen. And Skye! She is so cute! We had lunch with her this week and had a member there, it was such a good lesson.

My favorite thing about missionary work is seeing people change. Repentance is a real thing. People change! That is the most amazing thing to witness. Repentance changes lives. Jesus makes repentance possible. Jesus changes lives. :)

One thing I learned more about this week is asking specific questions in your prayers to get specific answers. The Lord wants to answer us, we just need to ask specifically. It works. I love prayers.

Stay bright my people!

-Sister Wilcock


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