April 4, 2016


Pittsboro North Carolina


Sister Johns

Hey Family

Hey Family!

Glad to hear about your adventures. Hey B-dawg, sorry to hear about Chewy, glad you are okay though! Don't worry, I have had plenty of bad driving moments as you well know hahaha ;) Now we have these little white/black boxes called Tiwi and there is a voice on there that will yell at us if we go over the speed limit or make too sharp of a turn or do any little thing that is not safe.... It's the worst thing ever! But I can say I have slowed down my driving and I am way less in a hurry (small town feel helps with that too haha). So drive crazy while you can, if you go to US/Canada your driving will get way boring ;) But way safer of course, I bet insurance agents like these things....

Question 1) Mom what is your major?

Question2) What cars do you have now? (I have been raving about Chewy this week, so random, I know, Sister Johns laughed at my reaction when you told me you sold him! *A whole new woooorrrlllddddd!*)

Question 3) Can you send me a pic or copy of our family mission statement?

Dad- Don't know if you've read the talk Covenants and Ordinances by Boyd K Packer from 1987, but it has a really good insurance analogy. Thought of you, made things click for me in a different way!

This week was so good!!!!! General Conference is like MISSIONARY SUPER BOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much! We were able to watch it with an investigator in our Bishop's home, and a recent convert in our Relief Society President's home. It was a good experience for everyone I think :) Brother Davidson (RS Pres husband) asked if we could all say a family prayer together after conference. He shed some tears during his sweet prayer. I love being a part of family prayers. Can't wait to do them again when I get home! I felt so close to you all during conference weekend. Great memories of listening to a Prophets voice. Thanks Mom and Dad for teaching us to love General Conference. If anyone out there reading this email didn't watch it, go do it!! I dare you! haha It can change your life. Let it change your life.

Dad- you mentioned Elder Andersons talk. It was so neat to be able to watch that with our investigator Birdie. She is a youth investigating the church. She is 14, but has the understanding of someone beyond her years. She was introduced to the church through a friend (whose mom is the YW President). She began coming to mutual and church, and I came in during her 2nd or 3rd lesson with the missionaries. The funny part is that I had no idea she was an investigator when I met her, she fits right in and already knows all the lingo and everything. Her parents will not allow her to be baptized until she is 16, which is sad because she is so excited about it. In our last lesson she was talking about serving a mission one day, and teaching her family about the gospel. SHE IS GOLDEN! She has been to many different churches, although her parents are not religious, just trying to find the one that made the most sense. I am so proud of her friend Cheney in sharing the gospel with her. Member missionaries are the best!! Birdie was taking so many notes during Elder Andersons talk. She is already an active member in YWs, reaching out to less active girls and inviting others to join. I wish I was more like her at that age. She is a valiant spirit.

One of the investigators we are working with found out some terrible news this week regarding her health. She called us one evening in tears, and asked us to come over. When we pulled up that night, she was on her porch, sobbing. She told us the news through her tears and said she didn't know who else to call. She told us she felt so calm and peaceful when we were at her home, and she knew she needed that feeling again. She asked us if she could receive a priesthood blessing (I didn't even know she know what that was), and if we would read the Book of Mormon with her to calm her down. My mind was a little bit blown that night... This investigator is one we see the most often, but is making the slowest progress. The first time sisters met her (about 6 months ago) she threw the Book of Mormon away, and refused to read it. (She's a Jehovah's Witness). She also has declined our numerous invitations to meet members in the area. Anyway, since I have been here she has read the entire Book of Mormon from cover to cover, and is re-reading it. We still have our concerns and set backs sometimes, but it was amazing to see how in her moment of despair she turned to the word of God and to us, His representatives. If only we all reacted that way to bad news! She is a strong person, I know with the help and prayers of the many sisters before me she will have the faith to continue to come unto Christ, so she can have that Spirit with her always.

What blessings are available to us if we turn to our Savior. Let us each make an effort to learn Heaven and it's beautiful order. Let us use the saving grace of our Savior Jesus Christ to become better people. To live in a brighter, happier, higher world. To love as He loved. To live as He lived.

Our mission has a new initiative with encouraging family mission plans. I am not an expert in this, but I have created an outline that we will present to our Ward Mission Leader, as hopefully a model to increase member missionary work in the Pittsboro ward. I thought I would share it with y'all if you need any ideas. I will have to make a copy of 100 ways to share the gospel, it is not on This should help in creating an effective family mission plan, and hey, maybe you can even share it with your missionaries!

Love you all soooo much! Hope you have a great week! Give them Heaven out there!

Sister WIlcock


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