March 15, 2016


Pittsboro North Carolina


Sister Weaver


Hey Family!
My new address is:

25 Creekside Cir. #31

Pittsboro, NC 27312

So, first week in Pittsboro! Where do I begin.

Day one and day two were rough for me! I have always lived in a big city, I served in two large cities, and this is my first time out in the boonies. My comp was a bit shy at first and didn't say much for the first few days, which made it just a little bit harder. I felt so isolated, with no connection to the outside world! The closest missionaries are in Siler City and they are Spanish speaking. Sooooo I was freaking out for a little bit and just praying Heavenly Father would send me someone to talk to. Tender mercy of Wednesday. We got a phone call at 9:30 pm from someone named Andrew Moo. He is a Burmese man who was taught by missionaries at some point, not really sure of the story. However he called us and we talked for a good 30 minutes. He told me about the history of Burma, asked about what kind of Indian I was (even though I told him I was white hahaha), he told me a story about this guy from Massachussetts and just a ton of random things. Who would have known how grateful I could be for a random Asian man calling and talking to me. haha But I was so grateful!!! Heavenly Father answers prayers in ways we don't always expect. I love it. *Sidenote, Mr. Moo even said he would come to church next week at the end of our conversation, so BINGO!

Alright, so Pittsboro. We actually cover all of Chatham county, and then some! It is a pretty big area. Not a ton of houses though (obviously). In fact, the majority of the doors we knock on have been knocked within the last 6 months. So people get a little annoyed with us I think, but I am really good at making jokes ;) so if I get them to smile I think the annoyance goes away. haha Or at least I hope it does....

We tracted for dayyyyyyyys!!! All day every day it seems! I actually love tracting though. Sometimes it's rough, but here it's been great. Not terribly successful either, it's probably just my attitude haha. Being in a new area can do that. I have a goal to learn at least one new thing from every person I talk to, so it makes it more exciting. We can learn so many cool things from the people around us.

We had a few really neat experiences this week while tracting.

First was when we met Barbara! So we knock on the door and BAM the lights go out. We are like " Aw man they saw us coming.... I guess we'll have to go, that's awkard...." But then as we are turning around this little old lady opens the door and says " I'm sorry, you just scared me, what are you doing out so late?" We turn back around and introduce ourselves. She very quickly lets us know she is a devout Catholic and had just finished her prayers, and that we do not need to teach her about Jesus. So instead of arguing I noticed she had an accent and asked her where she was from! She told us she is from Poland and moved to the US during the time when her country was oppressed by the Russian government. We asked her about her family and her faith and got to know her more. Soon she brought out her treasured Polish Bible and showed us some of her favorite pages. I asked her if she would teach us a word or two in Polish. The words she taught us sounded like Russian and I told her I studied Russian in school. Her face just lit up!! She started speaking in Russian and we had a small conversation in her 2nd language (English is her 4th). It was so neat to see her heart slowly soften as we got to know her more. Sister Johns was then able to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ, and we connected it to her favorite part in the Bible about Thomas seeing the resurrected Christ. Barbara then mentioned she wanted to have us back over. Point of the story- Mom, Russian has proven useful, I promise it wasn't a waste of school money hahaha ;) Okay but really, Heavenly Father uses our talents when He needs them. Study all you can and develop skills and talents, God will be able to use them to accomplish His purposes, even in the smallest of ways.

Second, we were tracting on Sunday and were in this really wealthy neighborhood close to Chapel Hill, NC. Not always the most fun, but we want to baptize "kings and rulers" so that's where we went. Not a lot of success. We knocked on one door and this older man opens it up. He said "You know I'm a tough sell, but come on in I'll listen ot what you have to say." We couldn't go in because he was alone, so he said he would come outside. Not many people say that so that was nice. Ron was a professor at UNC for some years and he taught Psychology or something. Very educated, and he has traveled the world. He grew up up North in a Christian home but he said he was never able to really have faith that all of it was true. Because he's been to so many places he has studied many religions and ways of thinking. He is a seeker of truth and has been searching for many years. I could just tell his soul was hungry for truth and light. He doesn't just want to believe, he wants to know! We were able to teach him about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit and the significance it has in learning truth. He asked so many good questions. He said he was impressed we could answer them clearly and with eloquence. We taught some more and then there was a small pause. With tears in his eyes he looked up and said "You know, my wife died 2 years ago, and today I just ended an 18 month relationship I have been in. You girls coming here today was perfect timing, this is something that I needed to hear. I will begin reading this book tonight." My heart was filled with love for Ron. I am so grateful to have met him. I love talking to people with bright minds and good questions, and I know he has been prepared. We'll see what happens. :)

Well, thanks for everything! Love you all! Keep on keeping on!

-Sister Wilcock


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