February 22, 2016


Mesa, AZ


Sister Bauer

One birthday is not enough... be born again! -Another Church in Fayetteville

It sounds like Sicily will be transferring this week, here is a short note she sent me- I hope she picks up on Spanish easily LOL!

“I  am really nervous about the next couple of weeks. I am going to be serving as a Spanish missionary and continue to see the investigators we have in Hope Mills. I had to pack my belongings this weekend”

Hi family!

Crazy week. We had some great experiences! This email will be short and sweet.

We met with our stake president last week and he gave us a list of names of people to go see. Thee Lockhart family is the BEST at giving us referrals! We were able to find some of those people and it was neat to see how each of those names were so inspired. I love meeting with our leaders, when we act upon the council they give right when they give it I can almost always guarantee you will understand why. The Spirit can work mighty miracles through these humble servants.

So you might remember the Worley family, they are the ones who are spec-ops, Brother Worley is like 6'5", big guy, his 9 year old is almost as big as Sister Weaver, they don't like missionaries stopping by but they let us come because we are cool I guess. ;) Well, we had the greatest lesson with them this week! They had us over for dinner (which was awesome, they lived many years in Italy and made us real Italian food!). They are a great family. At the end of dinner Brother Worley asked what message we had prepared, and then continued to say "well, it doesn't matter, I want you to teach my son about the Restoration of the gospel." That made us excited. We began teaching, and because Brother Worley has been less active for a long time he was surprised when we didn't pull out a flannel board or have our lesson memorized. We handed him a pamphlet and said "just follow along!" He was so involved in teaching his son the lesson. It was so sweet to watch! They committed to read the Book of Mormon together as a family and pray to know that it is true. I feel so excited about going back this week. They are a great family! I am excited to see the parents testimonies grow and strengthen as we teach their son.

Another great thing that happened this week was with the Phillips family! Well, it may seem like a small achievement but it was fun for us. Sister Phillips was not able to come to church because she got sick, but Cordel came by himself and stayed for all 3 hours!! He is so excited about coming to church, I don't know what did it for him, he hasn't been to church since he was a kid, but he has been there faithfully every week since we began teaching him. I love their family, when we went to teach them Saturday night they seemed so happy and you could see the change in their countenances. It's amazing!

This week was a good one regarding lessons with members. Our members are awesome! I love when they come to teach with us. Each one has such a sweet and unique testimony to share. If you ever get the chance, go out with the missionaries! Or have them teach someone in your home!

There are going to be some big changes this week, I will write more about it next week.

Say a special prayer for Sister Weaver and I, we both have big mountains to climb!

Love you all!

Stay bright!

Sister Wilcock


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