February 22, 2016


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Sister Bauer

A long time ago, in a Galilee far far away....

* Apparently Sicily did write last week- she just didn’t get it out- so here it is :}

Did y'all not get this one ?

**A new thing I'm going to start doing is using some of the church signs I see on the roads here in Fayetteville as my subject line. They make me laugh so hard!

Dear family!

So good to hear from you! I loved the pictures and everything! Mom- congrats to getting into ASU!!!! You are awesome!! Ken you looked so pretty in that dress, Brayson STOP GROWING I AM SERIOUS Dad- thanks for the pics!! Valentines day was great for us, I ate chocolate all day! haha Know that all y'all are my true valentines, forever!!!!! hahaha Love you!!


Miracle after miracle, (but only after a trial of faith and diligence of course!).

So a few highlights:

#1. We have been working with the Phillips family, a less active family who are doing amazing things. We were able to see them on Friday with Sister Lockhart (stake president's wife) and teach about temples and family history. We set up their family search accounts that day and guess who found names to take to the temple? You better believe they did! When we were leaving they said "Well, can y'all come by tomorrow?" and of course we said yes. We were inspired to teach the word of wisdom. Towards the end of the lesson they opened up to us about some of the addictions they have, but Sister Phillips said that when we invited her back to church that first time we met was when she began to quite. She has made tremendous progress!! We never even knew!

The greatest sight to see is someone you teach walk into the chapel with their Sunday best on, scriptures in hand, and a smile on their face. Sister Weaver and I were able to feel that this Sunday as the Phillips walked into church. During Relief Society Sister Phillips (who normally is very quiet, even during our lessons) raised her hand to share a thought. The lesson was about having faith through trials. She told of an experience that happened where she was overwhelmed and wasn't sure what to do. She felt the Spirit prompt her to pray. Right as she said "amen" was when we called her for the first time. I had no idea that phone call to a random person in the ward was an act of following the Spirit. I was really glad she shared the experience because it helped me to realize that none of us really know the good that we do each day. I am sure she will never know the impact she has made on my life either!

#2. The Worleys. I am sure I wrote about them before. I don't quite know how to explain them, but The Worleys are essentially a "do not contact" family. That basically means they do not want visits, phone calls, or general contact with the missionaries or members of the church. We have been told by multiple ward members not to go there unless they invite us over! Brother Martinez told us to go there one day, so we nervously did. It was a little intimidating, but went well. That was probably back in November! They told us to call and we could "probably" come back. So we have called every week. Stopped by once, but nobody was home. Called for weeks again. NO LUCK. So what do we do? Stop by again of course! This time we drive up and we see Bear (their son) playing with his insane amount of nerf guns in the yard. I thought "Yes! Easy peasy, just play nerf wars with Bear and we are in!!" But as we park and get out of the car we see Brother Worley (big, tall, intimidating, spec-ops guy) approaching us. I had a moment of panic come into my head! **You know the scene from Mulan where the firework is about to go off on Shan Yu and she says "get off the roof, get off the roof!" and then it blows? Yep that explains my thought process at that moment.** But it's okay, because I said the fastest prayer in the history of prayers in my head and asked Heavenly Father to please help us out!! All of a sudden the fear was gone! In fact as we walked up to Brother Worley I cracked a joke and soon enough we were all talking like old buddies. After at least 10 minutes of talking in his driveway he turns around to go inside. Sister Weaver and I look at each other like "dang it, he's just leaving, what do we do..." And then he says "Sisters, come on, I want you to come talk to my wife too!" So we run on up there and talk with both of them! Their son is at Quantico right now in Marines training and it is hard core! They are so nervous for him and they mentioned they weren't quite sure what to say when he calls because all they want to do is cry. They are so sweet. All of the sudden the Spirit hit me again with a reference to a scripture. I couldn't even remember what it said, but I knew I had to share it. It was a verse written by Mormon to his son Moroni, found in Moroni 8:3, which says "I am mindful of you always in my prayers, continually praying unto God the Father in the name of his Holy Child, Jesus, that he, through his infinite goodness and grace , will keep you through the endurance of faith on his name to the end." They wrote down the reference and said they want to share it in their next phone call or letter to their son. It was a small thing that happened there, but it was amazing to me how the Spirit worked through that entire meeting. The scriptures bring so much peace and comfort. They bring direction. Most of all they bring the Spirit! That's the real kicker! If we only follow the promptings of the Spirit, miracles, small or large, can take place in our lives. At the end of the lesson they invited us to begin teaching Bear, their 9 year old son, the missionary lessons in preparation for baptism, and wanted to start this Saturday!

I forgot to mention one thing. Our day on Saturday was filled with appointments. All of which fell through. Story of my life, right? Sister Weaver and I had decided the night before we were going to work our hardest to have a great day, all day! We drove around and knocked on SO MANY DOORS that day!! The Worleys were the last on our list. Not a single door opened until we got to the Worley's house, and it was perfect timing. BOOYA! Lesson learned, just be patient and work hard! Things will be taken care of.

Last I just wanted to give a shout out to Minda and her family for buying us flowers for Valentines day! Mom and Dad- y'all are going to meet Minda one day and know why she is my favorite! It's already planned. Their family is amazing and I love teaching them about the gospel. Annabelle and Colin told us as we were leaving our lesson that they love us like we are their family. Can we adopt them please??? Think about it.

I love you all with all my heart! Happy Valentines Day from Sister Weaver and I!

<3 Sister Wilcock


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