February 2, 2016


Mesa, AZ


Sister Bauer

Cold Weather 0 Sicily 1

Hey family!

Hope you week was good!

I'll start out with kind of a funny story.....

So one day I forgot my jacket and it was a bit chilly outside, but we kept knocking on doors and stopping by peoples houses. I realized that because I had no jacket people would let us in really fast because they saw that I was cold! So fast-forward to the next few days. I didn't wear a jacket at all and people let us in like never before!! It was genius!! So much success. I thought it was the greatest idea. The bad news is that I got really sick towards the end of this week. haha But hey, you do what you gotta do! ;)

We found some great "part-member families" this week. We are really excited to start teaching them! The fathers are not members, but as we talked with them and got to know them I just knew that one day their families would be united in the gospel. And I'm going to help that happen! Missionary work is the best. I love it.

On Sunday we had ward conference in 2nd ward. It was great! I love ward conferences. In our training meeting before and during the combined lessons the Stake President just kept putting Sister Weaver and I on the spot! He asked us to share experiences with investigators, and he even asked us to teach part of the lesson on the spot. I'm glad we have a good relationship with the ward and stake leaders, but sometimes I wish I could hide my name tag and stay undercover! haha Being a missionary is so fun because despite the doors slammed in the face some days, people just take care of you and love you, I've really loved being able to meet such wonderful people.

On Sunday in 1st ward we had some AWESOME speakers in Sacrament meeting. Brother Pinegar our ward mission leader, Brother Price who is recently reactivated and his wife is a recent convert, and Trevor French who is a recent convert baptized in October! They spoke about missionary work and it was amazing. I love seeing the new members of the church and how powerful they really are. They inspire me!!!

Well I'm sorry I don't have much more to write about, I am still sick!

Hope you have a great week, I love you all!

-Sister Wilcock


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