January 27, 2016


Mesa, AZ


Sister Bauer

YooHoo! Big Summer Blow Out!

Hi family!

So awesome to see the pictures from Elder Anderson coming to visit. What a special experience. Mom- I loved your comments about what he spoke about, I think it's a common theme. I love the youth!!! I can't wait to see how everyone has grown up. Sister Pinegar is our WMLs wife and also the YW President. I am SO excited to work with her and the yw, they are such powerful missionaries.

We had Elder Dube back in town, but nobody got to see him because of the ice storm! North Carolina shuts DOWN when snow hits. Here in Hope Mills/ Fayetteville it was the warmest, they call it the sand pit of NC. Still got some freezing ice though! We were instructed to stay inside for 2 days. Got a little boring, but we have the Nielsons a couple doors down from us so we got to eat dinner with them and they helped us fix some pipes in our apartment. The cold here is dreadful. The humidity sinks it into your bones!!! 30 degrees in Rexburg is lovely compared to 30 degrees here!! Yuck! Cold weather is not particularly my favorite, but I will survive!

We were able to listen to Elder Anderson as well this week in the world wide missionary broadcast. All the missionaries around the world were watching! They spoke about so many wonderful things, but focused on the theme "teach repentance, and baptize converts". It was a really neat experience, I learned a lot, and I know the missionaries around me did as well!

I survived another transfer in Hope Mills! Sister Weaver and I are starting our third transfer together. It will be great! We get along so well. There was a 50/50 chance I would be leaving, and I just had this feeling I was going to Raleigh, so during the 2 days we were locked in I packed half of my things. Hermana Hathaway knew for sure she was leaving because she has been serving in Raeford Spanish for 6 months!! Saturday night the Hermanas call us and Hermana Hathaway was bawling hysterically! She told us she was staying! I don't think she is necessarily sad to be staying in the area, it was just hilarious because she had already said goodbye to all of her investigators and members!!! So funny. We will be getting a new ZL and he is coming from Wilmington! Elder Davis is being transferred to LA, CA! haha Hope Mills has sent 3 Elders home since I have been here. All amazing missionaries!

We had a neat experience on Sunday! A less-active Sister we are teaching came to church and stayed for all 3 hours! We had Family Home Evening with her in our ward mission leaders home that night and she told us a cool experience. She had woken up that morning feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to feel better. She said a little prayer and asked God to help her know what to do to feel happy and she got the impression to go to church. So she came, and the lesson in our last class was based on the talk "What Lack I Yet" by Larry R. Lawrence. It is based on the New Testament story of the rich young ruler who was already keeping the 10 commandments, but felt the need for more in his life. When he approached the Savior, he asked "What lack I yet?". The Savior instructed Him to give up all that he had and follow Him. He was humble enough to ask the Lord what he needed to do, but was unwilling to take the steps required of him. The talk presents the idea that we too can ask the question "what lack I yet" and wait for the Spirit to prompt us to know what improvements to make in our lives. There are some funny examples given to people who truly asked the Lord! One received an answer to clean her room, one to clean up her language, and one to stop complaining. I tried what the talk suggests and too received some counsel from the Spirit! It works. The less-active Sister we taught tried it as well and received an answer to her prayer. It was a faith building experience for each of us!

Here is the link to the talk, READ IT! :)">

Hope y'all have a fantastic week!!! Love you!

Sister Wilcock


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