December 9, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer

It's a Christmas Miracle!!!!


Where do I even begin??

Okay, let's start with the unbelievable amount of mail I received this week! It was the funnest week of checking the mail ever. Mom, I can tell you got a little Amazon happy, but it is so fun because we now have beautifully wrapped presents under the tree! This morning we woke up a little early to clean and exercise and decorate the house! We played Christmas music and hung lights, I am in love with this season. Thank you thank you thank you for the sweet gifts- I am wearing the red maxi skirt right now Mom! But I haven't opened the others. :)

Next miracle.... Alex and Ariel came to church!!!! All 3 hours! (And she was even under the weather!) My goodness, prayers were answered. Thank you so much. When she walked through the doors I couldn't believe it, Sister Weaver and I were sooo excited and so grateful, and so happy! We had 3 members offer to give them rides without us even asking them. I know those girls feel loved by this amazing ward. The YW came and welcomed Alex and Ariel, and took her to class, they were amazing! It was so special. We are excited to meet with her this week.

Another miracle- We found 5 new investigators this week! Say what?! YES! The first one I want to talk about is the Worley family. They are a less-active family in the ward. The Martinez family had us over for dinner on Monday and we had a great time talking with them. At the end of our lesson I asked if there was anyone in the neighborhood we could go visit. Brother Martinez recommended that we see the Worleys! So we drove over there and knocked on the door. The 9 year old son answered. (He is all that and a pack of crackers. Living in a military town has gotten into his a head I think, he is hilarious. They call him "The Bear", and he is constantly in combat mode. He even calls his Dad "General Worley" or something. It just made my day.) Sister Worley invited us in and we visited with her for a little while. She seemed really nervous and expressed that her husband would be home from work any minute and he does not like when missionaries just "pop-in"... Obviously that made us a littler nervous too, but then we heard the garage door open and realized it was too late to turn back!! So Brother Worley (A real big and tall guy) walks in and we can tell he is NOT happy. Sister Weaver and I were so nervous and just smiled and we started asking about him and his family. He sat down and talked to us for nearly and hour! By the end of that hour it was so visible that his heart had softened. He was smiling and remembering his mission (In Japan, Sendai) and we got him to laugh and share with us some neat things. At the end of our visit we shared a scripture with a promise and invited the family to say a prayer together. We all held hands and Sister Weaver gave a beautiful prayer. That next Sunday their entire family came to church, their son is now a new investigator, and they told the Martinez family that they were so grateful they sent the Sisters over. The Worleys even signed up to bring cookies to the Christmas, Cookies, and Cantata Program that the Stake is doing! That whole experience was a miracle. Boy am I grateful!

One more I have time to share! We were tracting the other day and met a cute young couple named Paige and Cody! They just moved here from NV and they are looking for a church to go to. We asked if we could teach them about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and they seemed very excited about it. It is strange to meet more young people excited about religion... We have an appointment to see them Tuesday and we are just dying for tomorrow to come!!!!

Okay one more thing that happened this week- Steve got baptized!!!! The Elders have been teaching Steve for a while and he finally entered the waters of baptism and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His family (wife and 5 young kids) came to support him. It was so cute to see his little kids in front of the baptismal font and watch their father make those special promises with the Lord. They are on their way to being an eternal family, I just know it won't be long. :) It was special because Elder Brown was able to baptize him. Elder Brown leaves next week and he was able to see 2 investigators baptized in this area and the night before he flies home a family he taught at the beginning of his mission will be sealed in the Raleigh temple. He is a great missionary, no matter how many pranks he pulls on us Sisters!

Okay last thing, for reals... It's another Christmas miracle! We called and called and called people this week to reach our goal to get all of our investigators into a members home to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. All but maybe 2 or 3 were in a members home last night. I love our members, they are the best missionaries.

{Something to look forward to in next weeks email.... President James asked me to accompany him for our special Christmas Zone Conference with the Southern Kingdom. He will be playing the trombone!! Man I am excited for that.}



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