October 26, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer


Hey family!

Oh my goodness gracious!

That wedding looks magnificent. I can't get over how crazy awesome it looked! How beautiful. It looked so fun too! Ken you looked gorgeous! Dad and Brays, so handsome! Mom, you look like mawdol, cheer leadah, some-ting pritay! <-- (Hope you get the reference!)

Man I am so bummed I missed it. But what a neat experience!! I am so happy for y'all. Woohooo!!!!!

So I saw all the happenings of Saturday! I feel so included, I am laughing at the pic you chose to blow-up, I guess it reflects my personality, felt more like myself there ;)

Now that I've seen all the pictures and heard some of the funny stories, I will tell you what happened to me on Saturday! Not as cool, but hey!

So Saturday... Man it was rough! All of our appointments fell through, (seeing a pattern?) Anyways, you know what that means.... Tracting!! My favorite! Not always me favorite at first but it usually takes the cake at the end of the day. We started in the neighborhood and felt so inspired to be there. We had a lot of faith that the Lord would send us to a good area with nice people to listen to our message.... Man I thought we must have gotten lost or something, we ended up running into some of the meanest people I have met in the entire 7 months I have been here! Not even kidding! Doors *literally* slammed in the face, and people yelled at us to go away, it was a real downer! But we just kept going. We would knock on a door, get rejected, I would cry for a second, then snap out of it, put on a smile and knock on a another door! I kept thinking of that line from Nacho Libre when he's like "Aren't you tired of getting dirt kicked in your face?! I am!! I want to live my days to the glory, see what it tastes like...." Those were totally my thoughts as I kept knocking on doors and "getting dirt kicked in my face". I was like "Man my whole family is partying right now, eating cake, wearing pretty dresses, dancing, and having a blast... Who signed me up for this again?! Oh yeah, I did..." haha So you get it, it was a struggle. So it was starting to get dark, but we decided to knock on one more door. We tapped on the glass screen, but nobody answered, and then we see this kid down the hallway (about 9 years old) walk by and just FREEZE. He looked at us and I could tell he was afraid to answer the door, so I hurried and said "Hey man, it's okay! We are just a few girl missionaries sharing a message about Jesus!" And he looked a little less scared and came to the door. His older brother came out to the porch too. We started talking with them and asked them about their beliefs. They are Christian and Rob (the older brother, about 16) loves church. We told him about the Book of Mormon and that is another testament of Jesus Christ. He said "Oh, woah... I think I met some other boy missionaries earlier this week, but I couldn't really talk to them. One was from Utah and one was from California." (Those are our Elders!) And Rob went on to say "Wow, it looks like God must want me to hear what y'all have to say." Those words touched my heart. He invited us to come back. I am so excited to teach him! He is an awkward 16 year old, but it was neat to see that he recognized us as messengers from the Lord. I am so grateful Heavenly Father led us to Rob's house that day. It was so worth it!!! Missions are so worth it! It's the best thing I have ever decided to do. You might think I sound crazy because of the ridiculous stories I tell, but there are so many small miracles that happen each and every day. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to rid myself of all the distractions of the world and notice God's hand in my life and in the lives of others. God did not promise that our mortal life would be easy. In fact He knew it would be hard. But He gives us these hard things to refine us and to make us stronger and more like Him. I am so grateful for that. I love my Savior, for it is in Him I find my strength.

I want to share a video with you that I just loved!! Maybe you have already seen it, but I hope you watch it and enjoy it.">

Hopefully that link works. Let us all strive to do the Lord's will this week. Let us all be happy! Love others! Be confident in what you can do! Remember who you are ;)

Love you with all my heart!

-Sister Sicily Wilcock


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