October 19, 2015


Hope Mills


Sister Bauer

Happy Marriage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey y'all!

Just wanted to share an experience that happened this week at zone conference.

This week we had a combine zone conference with Wilmington Zone! It was so great to see all the missionaries from my last area.

When we walked into the church we saw Sister Quick (RS President) and Sister Wanamaker. Sister Wanamaker and her family were scheduled to be baptized this month, and were one of those golden families who the ward just loves and supports so well. A few weeks ago Sister Wanamaker had called us and told us that they were no longer interested in meeting with us and that we shouldn't plan on stopping by again. It broke our hearts. Especially Sister Workman's because she had seen this family progress and grow so much in the gospel. Back to the story. We walk in to zone conference, and she is there!! Helping the ward members prepare us a lunch. What the?! We were so confused! So we pulled Sister Quick aside and asked her why Sister Wanamaker was here! She said "I don't know I just thought to invite her because I hadn't seen her in a while!" (She didn't get the memo about them "dropping us") Anyways, after every lunch at a missionary meeting we sing "We'll Bring the Lord His Truth" from the Primary song book to thank those who provided the meal. As we stood and sang to the sweet sisters from our ward, Sister Wanamaker had tears rolling down her cheeks. She came up to us, gave us a big hug, and told us to call her. I don't know the details of the experience, but I feel so strongly that the Spirit was working with Sister Quick to invite Sister Wanamaker to that conference. Such a small act, with such great potential. This week at church we had an Elder return home from serving in AZ! He mentioned one of his favorite areas (Pinetop/Lakeside). He talked about some experiences he had, when an autistic companion of his followed a prompting of the Spirit to ask a worker at Burger King if she was interested in the Book of Mormon. He was so surprised! But because of that simple action to the small prompting that Elder had, the Burger King worker was reactivated, her husband was baptized, and they were sealed to their three children for time and all eternity in the temple. My version of the story is not as well told as the sweet Elder who shared it with us on Sunday, but I want you to know that the Spirit works. Something I have learned is that there is no comfort in the growth zone and no growth in the comfort zone! We need to be constantly getting out of our comfort zone to let the Holy Ghost fulfill his role as the comforter. That is one way we can always have the Spirit with us. It is something I am trying to do each day!

My love to all y'all this week!

I hope this weekend is a special experience for you. I love you!

Happy marriage Kennedy and Jake!!!!!

Take lots of pictures!

Smile a lot!

Stuff each others faces with cake!

Love you.

-Sister Sicily Wilcock


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