August 3, 2015




Sister Gropp

We're ready to Pump. YOU UP!

This week! Where do I start. Okay I'll start with the funny stuff.

Timeline of our adventures:

Getting chased by a wiener dog (check)

Tracting into a drunk guy who invited us back (check)

Being electrocuted [and finally getting super powers] (check)

Getting caught in a big rainstorm while on our bikes (check)

Tasting the amazing grape ice cream from Piggly Wiggly's (check)

Discovering my love for watermelon and tomatoes (check!)

Yes mom you read that right, I love watermelon and tomatoes now! It's a mission miracle, I know. Don't even know how it happened.

This week was crazy! My back is getting better and we have been able to work really hard this week!! Tracting all day, teaching all night, you know how it goes. I LOVE IT! It seemed like our investigators dropped like flies last week, it's a little bit of a bummer, but we have been able to go find more people to teach and it's amazing! Heavenly Father is truly taking care of us. I just know He's got people He has prepared for us, and we are PUMPED to go find them!!

One experience this week really got me excited to continue tracting (it can get kind of long as I'm sure you can imagine). We were riding to our dinner appointment and I saw this cute little dog wandering along the road, so I stopped and picked it up and told Sister Gropp we needed to find it's home! She was just as surprised as I'm sure you probably are because you know I am NOT an animal person, but this little fluffy dog reminded me of George and I just couldn't leave it.... Anyways. We found its home and it was the Star Wars house I sent a picture of before! We had knocked on that door a couple weeks ago and they had company so they couldn't talk. But when we brought their dog back they invited us in and asked who we were, we got to know them and they invited us back! The friendliest people, seriously. The man (He told us we could call him Mr. Jedi or something...) is an Eagle Scout with the wards scout troop and has even read parts of the Book of Mormon. They said they wouldn't mind if we came back and shared a message. We are SO excited to go back and see them. It's amazing though how that one decision to help that little dog find it's home lead to a great connection and friendship!

Like I mentioned before, we have lost some investigators, which is sad, but it also gives is more opportunities to find! So we have been knocking on lots of doors this week. One day Sister Gropp and I were caught in a rainstorm, and we were on our bikes and kind of a far way from the church or a place to go wait it out, so we decided to just keep on tracting. As we knocked on the doors, we tried to to look our best, but the rain was getting to us and it was a little chilly. It was interesting to see that as we knocked on doors and said "We are here to share a wonderful message about Jesus Christ" we had some doors slammed (or shut rather quickly) with the words "No thanks I'm already a Christian". Of course this is something that happens every day as a missionary, and it's very well expected, I probably did it too back home! But it struck my heart and I learned a great lesson this week. These experiences made me wonder, "what kind of Christian am I?" Do I look for opportunities to talk about the Savior, or do I shut the door? (Maybe not a literal door because I'm the one doing the proselyting these days haha) but are my actions showing what I believe? Is the Savior a part of everything I do? Can others tell that I am a follower of Christ? Have I "received His image in my countenance?" as it talks about in Alma 5? I hope so. I hope that people will always know that I love my Savior. I hope that my actions will always reflect Him. I am grateful to know that through the Atonement we are all saved, and that through living the gospel we can be changed through the power of His grace.

I love the people of North Carolina! I love being a missionary, and I LOVE YOU!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Keep it real!

-Sister Wilcock


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