July 20, 2015




Sister Gropp

Hey Family

Hey family!!

How are you?! Loved getting your emails and letters this week! Thanks a bunch!

Mom- That really wasn't Dad's hand?! What?! hahaha Mind blown! Whoever it was was a brave soul... ;) Glad you get to escape the heat and head to the mountains! Sister Marshall saw the pics of you chopping wood and said you're her kind of woman! I think y'all would be great friends.

Dad- Glad you can relax after ward conferences! I know it's a big project! I really like what you shared about the Sabbath Day. If it's okay can I share that experience with others? I am very impressed with our stakes missionaries as well. Such great examples to me! I just love the church!

Ken- I am sending you a 10 page letter baby cakes! haha Thanks for the package! You are the best around! Won't write much here because I don't want to give it away! ;)

B-dawg- So fun that you have been up in the mountains this week! And you found a dog? What did you name it? What have you been up to? And fun sayings Papa Dave has said? haha Miss you!

This week was so long, but I learned so much! We had exchanges on Wednesday/Thursday and I was in my area with Sister Streetman from Highland UT! She is straight out of the MTC. I seriously love her, she is a wonderful missionary. We were able to have a lesson with Stephanie and Jim in Sister Lewis' home! Stephanie shared with us a neat experience. So she was really nervous about setting a baptismal date because she hadn't told her family yet, and she was really nervous about what they would say. She has been praying to know when the right time would be, and on Fast Sunday this month she fasted that she would have the courage to tell her mom, and that it would be a good experience. The next day her mom called (her family lives in CO Springs) and they were talking during lunch, and Stephanie just knew it was the right time to tell her, so she did! After talking with her mom about it she found out that her mom was okay with it because just a few weeks previously she had learned about the LDS church from a friend. Another experience her family had was when her dad had leukemia (fairly recently), his bone marrow donor (?) was a return missionary going to BYU and shared with them his beliefs. Her family has been influenced positively by the church many times, and it is just amazing how Heavenly Father prepares people to hear the gospel. So, Stephanie set a baptismal date for September (just before her wedding). We are so excited. She is AMAZING. :) We also had some amazing peanut butter pie after the lesson that I just have to mention too.... haha Sister Lewis done good!

Because just about all of our appointments cancelled and it was a busy week for everyone, we got to do a lot of tracting! Woohoo for knocking doors! It's not as bad as it seems. Sister Gropp and I make it a game too. We have realized though that our biggest competitor is Grace Baptist church, just down the road. The members of that church aren't all fans of Mormons, but we give them a smile anyways! haha Do you remember that scene from Mobsters and Mormons when the family is trying to get in the car before the mobster guy comes and talks to them? It happens all the time as a missionary! So funny! And so awkward! Anyway, we met this really nice man named Chris, he had just gotten home from Scout Camp (he is a scout master). I told him that my dad used to be a Scout Master (right dad?) and that my mom is in scouts too! He thought that was so cool! We started talking and he told us the first dance he ever went to was at a Mormon church. How fun is that! He gave us some cold water and was very friendly. I love meeting people like that. Makes me feel bad for all those times I turned the JW away. WWJD right? :)

Funny story time.... So lately I have been paranoid that I have diabetes. Don't ask me why. Okay actually it's because I drink SO MUCH water and eat all the time and a couple people have told me jokingly that's a symptom of diabetes and it secretly totally freaked me out! So Sister Marshall said that to calm my nerves she would test my blood sugar etc. And guess what. It's a miracle!!!! No diabetes for me!! hahaha I wrote that down in my journal as the "tender mercy" of the day. Another fun thing that happened was that Sister Gropp introduced me to Rosie and George. They are an elderly couple (in their 90's probably, they weren't sure) and they are the cutest things around! Rosie has dementia and doesn't remember a lot. She is from Long Island and comes from an Italian family, and she taught us some Italian phrases that made us laugh so hard! It was so fun to be able to meet them after a long day and spend time laughing and talking with them!

This week should be an exciting week! We have to teach at Zone Conference again! We will be talking about effective time spent in members homes and how to build "super-trust" with members. I also have to give a talk on Sunday! I am really excited for this week! I love the gospel! It is so fun sharing it with others. I know that my Savior lives and loves me. This is His work. He qualifies who He calls. One of my favorite messages right now can be found in the June and July Ensign of this year. It is a 2 part series written about Joseph Smith. It touched my heart. My testimony of Joseph Smith has grown immensely on my mission, especially as I read and study about his life! The message of the Restoration of the Gospel is AMAZING!!! I am so grateful that I get to share it with the people of North Carolina! Every day is a good day when you have Jesus in your heart! Keep on keeping on :)


Sister Sicily Wilcock


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