July 13, 2015




Sister Gropp

IIII love technology. But not as much as you you see. But still I love technology. Always and Forever!

Hi family!

I got your package! Thank you thank you thank you! I am wearing some of the clothes you sent as we speak, they are super cute and perfect for this climate. Y'all are life savers!

Mom- So great to hear about all of your adventures! You are the greatest. Thank you for always being prepared and making sure our family is taken care of. What a good example you are to me! You are such a hard worker, thanks for all that you do for me and for everyone! Love you!

Dad- Were you a big boy when mom gave you that IV? ;) That is so neat that you were able to take that class together! So jealous! How's work going? You're a serious empty nester this week eh? Hope you're having fun and get to relax a bit! Our Zone Conference teaching went really well! We had limited time so we had to teach the principle relatively fast, but we got to do it twice that day. We got creative with it and hopefully made it fun! I love our District and Zone! They are all great missionaries. I have already learned so much from them, it's an honor to serve with such valiant Elders and Sisters. Just got your email, sound like you have stayed busy! Good luck with the rest of the ward conferences! I often find myself thinking "What would Dad do"... Hopefully I can be as great of a leader as you one day!

Ken- Got your Save the Date! Crazy! It's official! Good luck with everything! The day after your wedding will be my 6 month mark! It's flying by! What have you been up to this week? Anything fun? Tell Trisni's kids I am sending their letters today!

Brays- Hey there is a street in Wilmington called Brays Rd. I think of you whenever we pass it! Heard you been workin' hard this week up in the mountains! Way to go little brother! I am way impressed! Heard you also got to take care of some rabbits if you know what I mean.... Did you have to eat them? Eek! Crazy. You'll have to tell me about them when you get home. I have a package for y'all on the way! It's got all my pics and videos from MTC- last week! I know I send pics each week so it may be some repeats but you'll get to see some silly videos. Notice the ones of me scaring Sister Gropp.... I told her that I will send them all in to AFV and pay for her school. She forgives me. haha I learned from the best! (You!)

Yesterday was one of the greatest learning experiences of my mission. My heart was and is just so happy.

For PEC on Sunday morning we were asked to come in early for a discussion. Y'all have probably already done this back home, but Bishop was leading the discussion regarding the new approach to Sabbath Day observance. The Spirit was so strong in that meeting as we listened to the training from the Apostles, Auxiliary Leaders, and members of the 70. I felt as if it was a "call to repentance" for all of us, everywhere! I am SO excited to change the way we do things on the Sabbath. I know that this training was inspired. There were tears shed as we talked about the meaning of the Sabbath Day and how it blesses our families and communities. I am excited to learn even more and do my best to make it a special day. For missionaries sometimes Sunday is a crazy day because we are trying to find rides for investigators, go to meetings, making announcements in classes, talking with members, teaching classes, and trying to balance 2 wards. It's doable, but we have some things we decided to improve and work on. I think it is going to be powerful!!!!!!!!

These are just a few small ways we are trying to make the ordinance of the sacrament more special. If you haven't already seen the training, go watch it if you can! It was life changing for me. No words that I can say will express the power of the Spirit that I felt.

We have had an alright week regarding the work! Had a few cancellations, but the lessons we do have always make up for that! Yesterday the Glews (Stake President and family) had us over for dinner and invited their neighbors as well. They have a daughter on a mission in Colorado Springs, and they are fantastic member missionaries! We are so grateful for them. Our members are just fabulous when it comes to going to lessons with us and taking care of our investigators. I am constantly amazed. I have a lot to learn about being a member missionary!

One of the greatest things I have seen this week is just the happiness that comes from living the gospel. One investigator has been going through some hard times. In fact my first lesson with her she kind of told us to never come back... Scary as a newbie! But since then we have met with her many more times and I can't even tell you the change I have seen. She is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is happy. She is learning. She is finding peace and forgiving others. She is confident. She is smiling. I love her and love seeing her progress in the gospel. It makes it all worth it!

I love y'all!

Keep smiling!


Sister Wilcock


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