June 29, 2015




Sister Gropp

Does this mean I'm not so green?! #NewbiesInTheHouse

Hola Family!

So good to hear from you! Thanks for the rockin package! It was so fun to open! I loved everything inside, I love you!

I love seeing the pictures from your service project this week. What a neat experience. I am grateful to have a family that loves service! #Mosiah2:17-18

Let me begin with a quote: "You've got to be kidding me.... Everything you just said, is MY favorite thing to do."

I say this because we totally did some of the same things this week! Crazy!

Mom- Your "doomsday prepping" must have been inspired, I have been studying about food storage and preparedness super randomly this week! Weird right? Hey I'm glad you're doing it! I love hearing about your scripture study! It's so powerful. I can't even tell you how much my love for the scriptures has grown in the last few months! It's amazing!

Dad- I ate some killer sushi this week too! It was so good! We went to this place called Hibachi Grill, I thought you would like it. I was adventurous and tried some crazy things! I saw Cody's video! How neat is that?! Pretty neat. He's such a good missionary! Sorry I can't respond to FB messages from family back home but I did see it and loved it. Sister Gropp and I want to be as good as that some day! haha ;)

Ken- Your dress.... MMm!! So good! Work it girl! What's up with changing the date like a million times?! hahaha jk I am so excited! Send me more pics! And I LOVED your package! Seriously I died, like the elder on the Best 2 years. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Brays- I am so happy you get to do some service this summer! And that you get to head to the mountains soon too! Yahoo! Sounds like a blast! You have to shoot off a firework just for me, we aren't allowed to do them as missionaries (for obvious reasons) hahaha so I will miss it! We are having a ward pancake breakfast though so that will be fun! Keep up the good work, I am sending a package to y'all today! With some random stuff! :)

This week has been fantastic! For reals.

First things first.... We had transfers! We have 3 new Elders joining us! 2 fresh from the MTC! They are excited to be here. I'm finally not the greenie in the District anymore! (yesssss.) We got Elder Powell from SLC who is the new ZL, Elder Jenks from Farmington, UT, and Elder (okay I forgot his name) but he's great and they are such a fun addition to the District! I'm laughing at how awkward the first week is for us missionaries. You don't realize it until afterwards, but it's true, the mission just keeps getting better and better!

One of the miracles that happened this week was that ALL of our lessons with investigators were with members from our ward! That's a big deal. Even though this ward is an AMAZING missioary ward, we had kind of a hard time in the past with getting members to come out with us and meet our investigators, but this week was AMAZING! A couple Sunday's ago Sister Gropp and I went into RS (we do every Sunday) to make an announcement and kind of had a pump-up session with those ladies! We were a little nervous because every time we ask people to come out with us we feel like we just kind of get blank stares for a few minutes, so we said a prayer that we could inspire them to want to be missionaries with us! So we marched in there and here's what happened: We thanked them for all they do, said that we loved them, and then told them we are here to serve them in any way we can! We tried to help them understand that this is THEIR area and these are THEIR investigators! Missionaries don't stick around forever! We promised that the experiences they will have doing missionary work will bless their lives and they will see miracles happen. (etc. etc.) I definitely feel like that message was inspired! Our members have been so excited about missionary work and it makes me so happy! The relationships with investigators and members are growing and I am excited to see the fruits of our labors.

I love seeing members share testimonies. It strengthens mine. The talks this Sunday were on gratitude and humility, given by the Bakers. They were beautiful talks. My heart has been full of gratitude for the many wonderful things that have happened this week.

Sister Gropp and I are like Sistahs. The members always comment on how well we get along. I think it helps members to know that we like each other! haha She really is the best! I am so glad I was able to start my mission off with her! I will be sad to see her go! Hopefully she just stays here forever. ;)

Can I just take a moment to talk about Sister Abrams... She is one of our ward missionaries! She is about Grandma Wilcock's age, and reminds me a bit of her too! She is AMAZING. She lives down the street and is always there to help us out. She served a mission in Canada last year and is so good and missionary stuff. I just love her! She is a life-saver!

[Also, I love America! I love my family! I love General Conference! Okay The End. :)]

Okay looks like I'm low on time, the Elders are waiting sooooo patiently (haha) for the computers. Love you all! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! Go America!

-Sister Wilcock


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