June 22, 2015




Sister Gropp

Sister SISTER! :)

Hi family! Can I just say I love you? I LOVE YOU. Okay done. ;)

Mom- So fun to hear the updates! I have a package for y'all buuuutttt forgot to get a few things to put in it so it's coming SUPER late! I will send it next P-day! I haven't received your package yet but I got one from K-dawg! I love packages! haha SO FUN! Thank you thank you! I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

Dad- Just got your email! How neat that you have 2 Elders from NC! It's a good place I guess... ;) Tell them they are missing out on some crazy storms and to enjoy the DRY heat while they can! haha The humidity really isn't that bad (yet), it's a fun change in weather. I am so excited for Jaren and the rest of the missionaries leaving! They are such good examples to me. I can't wait to hear about their experiences. How was Fathers Day?! Your Father's Day gift is included in the package I am sending. Sorry its so late! I hope you had a fantastic Fathers Day and you were able to relax and be spoiled!

B-dawg- Brutha! How are you? Excited to get your letter this week! Mom told me it's a good one! I am really proud of you on your scripture reading! I wish I was better at that when I was your age! What a good example you are. You will be glad you studied your scriptures when you become a missionary. The truth in the scriptures is what converts people to the gospel, not your skills or talents! You are going to be a powerful and fun missionary, I wish we could server together! haha And I can see you are getting buff! What a champ! You are growing like a weed in the South! hahaha

Ken- YOUR PACKAGE WAS "SO GOOD" as Miranda would say ;) I seriously died. The pictures and the voodoo chips and the shirt and EVERYTHING just made me so happy! I think I slept with it all on my bed... so yeah. Thank you :) You are the best! I love all the ideas you have! Your wedding is going to be bootiful! Lyric is totes going to surpass my Maid of Honor skills, I think it might be a good thing I'm not there just because she is seriously going to be the best maid of honor ever haha when you told me how she's already started I was like "Yep, thats my girl!" So fun. Love you!

This week. What a week! Okay so I told you I was going to South Port last P-day yeah? It was so fun!!! We had such a good time! I ate some REAL Southern food! Probably not my all-time favorite thing but it was still good and fun to try! We got to see where Safe Haven and A Walk to Remember were filmed, along with some other movies like The Secret Life of Bees andddddd I forgot the rest. It was so pretty! I have lots of pictures I will send.

One Tuesday we had Zone Conference. I think I already told you about this.... but we got to hug President because it was the last time we will see him! Kind of awkward to hug a guy, especially your mission president... but I was glad we could. The Bernhisels are AMAZING! What a life of service they have lived. They are probably just finishing the 3 craziest years of their lives! We all love them so dearly. We are excited to meet our new President and wife! Fun fact: President Bernhisel and Presdient James went to high school together! They even performed in My Fair Lady together (President Berhisel was Henry Higgins.) So that's pretty neat! haha

This week we had a lot of support from our ward regarding meals and rides etc! I love how missionary minded they are. It really is the greatest blessing. They help us in so many ways. If you get the opportunity to go out with the missionaries, you should! It can be such a powerful experience. We LOVE having members with us to share testimonies and experiences. It makes the lessons that much better.

We had some funny stories from this week....

Sister Gropp and I went to get some snow cones at a snow cone shack that a member owns with Sister Carter (a ward missionary) after an appointment. I got the smallest size (which is still HUGE) and Sister Gropp got a bigger size. It was bigger than her I think! But she loves shaved ice so she ate the whole thing AND Sister Carters! We forgot that we had a dinner appointment that night with the Sullivans (an older couple in the ward) and they were taking us to Golden Corral. So.... Sister Gropp was miserably full and was worried about not having room for dinner (Sister Sullivan will get after us if we don't eat "enough") so we decided while we were waiting at the church to head to the bathroom to try and throw it up! Funnies thing of my life, don't worry I got it on video. She didn't have any luck so she had to add to her fullness at Golden Corral and we just about popped, but it was good.

We had dinner with an investigator one night, and she is seriously the cutest thing! She loves learning about the church and is very interested with an open mind. She likes to look up facts/articles about the church to learn more about our culture.She says she stopped doing that on the internet though and just wants to learn from us and see what we teach! We told her that was probably a good idea,,, there are some crazy things out there! Anyway, she told us that she was so worried about what to cook because she thought we had a super special diet. I guess it's true, but I like to think I eat pretty normal? haha We told her we would teach her about the WofW in the future! She was excited. Our lesson that night went very well, and as we were riding our bikes home we got caught in a lightning storm! Sister Gropp is pretty confident she is invincible as a missionary so she was just riding along... But I was in the back freaking out and praying I wouldn't get struck by lightning! It was so scary! And a little hilarious!

One of my favorite experiences this week was teaching Nefertari (the 10 year old we are teaching) about Jesus Christ. I think I wrote you about this before maybe, but it was one of my favorite lessons. It's not often you find someone in the South who hasn't heard of Jesus Christ or knows who He is. I was so grateful for the opportunity I had to testify of the divinity of the Savior and the miracles He performed. My testimony is always growing as I share it with others. I don't feel like a very powerful missionary, but that's okay. I have realized that although serving others and serving the Lord is what I am here to do, one of the greatest parts of being a missionary is seeing your own testimony grow. What a blessing that is. I see RMs and older Sisters teach and testify and I can't wait to be that person one day. There is so much to learn and so much to do. It reminds me of that philosopher (maybe Plato?) that has the quote that says that the more he learns, the more he realizes how little he knows. Sorry that was a poor description of a powerful statement but hopefully you get the idea. The more I learn the more I realize I know nothing! And I am nothing! I owe all that I have to Heavenly Father. I pray for that humility each day, and the capability to be directed by the Spirit more fully.


This is where I was meant to be. It just feels so right! Thanks you for making it possible. Love you!!!!!!!!!!



P.S. Happy Birthday to Grandma Wilcock, Penny, and Aunt Ali! And I can't wait to see baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S.S. I can't send pictures this week because we are at the library (internet at the FHC was down) and I forgot my camera cord! Bummed to the max but you'll get extra next week!


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