June 15, 2015




Sister Gropp

I Believe in Miracles (name that song)

Hey family!

Whats up whats upppp!

Sister Gropp and I have been singing the "I believe in miracles" song ALL week. And it's true, miracles happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So! First story. It's Wednesday morning, I am playing prelude before Zone Training Meeting, and all of a sudden I see this girl walk in from the back of the gym, grab a chair and sit by Sister Gropp. She didn't look familiar to me but I just guessed she was a YW who wanted to see what missionary meetings are like or something. So after I'm done at the piano I go sit down next to her and ask her name, where she's from, and kind of ask what brought her here today. She told me she was just at Bojangles (the restaurant beside the church), saw all the missionaries walking in and was curious what we were doing so she just walked right on over and joined in! She is Apostolic Pentecostal and saw all of us wearing skirts and thought maybe we were too. Sister Gropp had already given her a Book of Mormon and we were trying to explain that this was really just an accounting/training meeting for missionaries, but she was welcome to stay. She decided to stay and during the entire meeting she had her B of M out highlighting it, and when we did roleplays she "pretended" to be an investigator etc. During every break-out discussion Sister Gropp and I would just teach her basically the first lesson and answer her questions. She had to leave at 10 to go babysit, but about 15 minutes later she walked back in and said "I don't have to babysit anymore, what did I miss?!" and stayed for the entire 3 hours! We took her out to lunch afterwards and answered more questions. We taught her the next day and met her family (they were so kind and invited us back!) and she calls us with questions and wants to learn more! It was the most unreal experience as a missionary. All the other missionaries at zone training were DYING, it was seriously a miracle though.

More good news!! I got my first 2 baptismal dates scheduled! The first one is Nefertari, and cute 10 year old we are teaching. Her father was just baptized by the Elders a few weeks ago. We are excited for her, she loves Primary! The next baptism we scheduled was for this girl named Allyson! She is a babe! She's 21 and will be joining the YSA ward. This was our first lesson with her, so we taught the Restoration (which is my favorite lesson). The Spirit was pretty strong, and she committed to be baptized at the end of the lesson. These two beautiful girls are amazing examples to me! Their desire to learn and grow and to feel the Spirit just amazes me. I am so grateful to know them!

Lastly, we met Al! He is a regular at Burberry ( A frozen yogurt store that a ward member owns). We gave him a coupon we had for his frozen yogurt and started up a conversation. He was SO interested in the church. We sat and talked to him for half an hour and answered his questions and he was so intrigued. We are excited to teach him more.

Those are just a FEW of the AMAZING experiences we have had this week! Seriously the Lord has His hand in all things. I have such a strong testimony that the elect find us, we really don't find them. I admire those I have met who are truth-seekers and I just hope and pray I can help them feel the Spirit of the Lord as I teach. Many times I feel inadequate to teach these children of God, for they are truly amazing. The Lord qualifies who He calls, I just gotta work for it ;)

Love you all! So good to hear for you!

I challenge you to look for missionary opportunities this week! The spirit of sharing the gospel is such a happy thing. I just can't stop smiling. It's the BEST!


Sister Sicily Wilcock


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