May 25, 2015




Sister Gropp

Black Tags and Bikes- 2! (It's a remix)

Hola Familia!

Thanks for your letters! Hey mom I got one in the mail from you buuuuutttt I think you may have switched it with a letter for Tia! haha She may be getting my letter in Russia, oh well. You are so sweet!

Brayson- I saw your pics at graduation, how exciting! You are so handsome, and so nice! I am so proud of you! I hope you have fun with Papa Dave this week. Your fish were HUGE! Oh my crackers and cheese! I can't even believe you caught those! Good job!

Dad- Excited to hear about all the work going on out there! I am glad the Spanish missionaries out there are having success! The Spanish elders in our ward are having a hard time finding people to teach! They are great though! Good luck at Girls Camp. I'm sure you will do great. I always loved your lessons!

Mom- Thanks for everythinggggggggggg you do! Mom you do so much, I just admire you. I am so happy for Zahra graduating and how cool you got to meet her mom! Tell her I say hi! I am good for Isagenix right now, but I will let you know when I need more! For future reference: You can tell the UPS guy to leave it at the front door, we are the second story so usually nobody goes up there. Or leave it at the front desk, that works too. Thanks!

Kennedy- Your pictures are totes presh adorbs! Love you cute sista! I'll write you more later!

This week. Oh boy, it was such a fun week! We got Sisters back in our District! Woohoo! Their names are Sister West and Sister Loftis. Because they are brand new in the area and didn't have their bikes yet we gave them our car. So Sister Gropp and I had so much fun biking this week! I am sooooo glad we were on bikes. I love riding bikes. It is a humbling experience to have to ride in a skirt and a big ol' helmet though.... haha We do not look cute. At all. It's all good though. "No pain no gain!" ;)

Sister Gropp and I did so much service this week! We didn't have a whole lot of lessons planned, so we tried to make good use of our time and serve in another way! We pulled weeds, (weeds here are like Jack and the Giant Bean Stalk status), and we cleaned houses, we even helped with a couple weddings! Oh my goodness, that was a struggle! I wanted to get out there and dance so bad! 16 more months! hahaha I even cried when I heard Michael Buble start playing. Tears rolling down the cheeks. So beautiful. ;) hahaha

The District and Zone Leaders found out I play the piano somehow..... So so far this week I have been asked to play for District meetings, a musical number in Zone Conference, and a solo in Sacrament meeting. I tried so hard to keep that on the down low but that didn't work out too well. That's okay, I am grateful I can share my talents! No time to practice though, so pray it isn't a failure! hahaha

Funny story- After Branch Council on Thursday night Sister Gropp and I got home from the church right after curfew and realized our keys were not with us.... We left them at the church (which isn't very close)! #Awkward. So we had to call our Zone Leaders and they were so great and found our keys (in the girls bathroom) and brought them to us using up their oh-so-precious miles. We love our Elders!

Last night the Marshall's had us over for dinner! Afterwards we went frog hunting in the pond by our house! We caught a big one! It was so fun, I felt like I could have been on one of those TV shows like Swamp People or something. Also! at church on Sunday we had a big group of people join our YSA for the Summer from (guess where) *drum roll* Rexburg!! They knew all my homies! It was so fun to see people from the Burg!

One of the greatest moments of this week was when we were teaching our investigator Madeline! We shared some Mormon Messages with her and read a chapter in the Book of Mormon! After our lesson she sighed and told us that she was going to cancel her plans for the weekend. She felt the Spirit so strong and she didn't want that feeling to leave! She invited us back the next day and we taught her some more and she committed to come to church! We were on cloud 9! After each lesson she tells me I should be a lawyer one day. Hopefully me acting like a lawyer during lessons isn't a bad thing! haha

I have had lots of opportunities to practice patience and humility this week! Being a missionary is just full of those opportunities! Definitely something I need to work on.

I don't have a specific talk in mind to share with you today, but my challenge for y'all this week is to go to the Mormon Channel and watch some Mormon Messages! They are short videos with powerful principles taught. I can't wait for the day (if it ever comes) for our mission to get Ipads because those videos are the greatest!!! Find one you love and share it with a friend!

I love you all! You are in my prayers and thoughts 24/7. I am so grateful for you!


Sister Wilcock


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