May 18, 2015




Sister Gropp

Book of Mormon is my jam!

Dear family!

Oh man, you are all just my favorite. Thanks for your emails and letters and everything! I talk about you all the time, I am still so happy after skyping last week!

All the updates I hear are just so neat, I am loving all the changes that seem to be happening!

Brayson- Dude stop growing, I am seriously serious little man. It is psyching me out that you are going to be taller than me when I get home! You are such a handsome boy, and you are so talented. I wish I could have heard your last band concert! I bet you rocked the house. Next Louis Armstrong eh? Funny story, yesterday when we were waiting to go make an announcement in YW I was talking with some of the Beehives. They are really cute girls. I decided you are going to marry my Bishops daughter Emma one day! Her mom Sister Pace is actually in AZ right now too by the way! haha Anyways, I am so proud of you and all that you are doing. Keep up the good work!

Mom- Thanks for handing out my letters to everyone! I've been a slacker about writing too, sorry! You're pictures you send were hilarious. Sounds like you got spoiled on Mother's day! And sounds like a fun celebration of your anniversary! 23 years, wow! I remembered to mark your anniversary in my planner, just so you know. ;) And okay, fly boarding? TAKE ME WITH YOUUUU hahaha I am so jealous! Y'all are the coolest parents, I will need some pictures or video of that, seriously.

Dad- Ward conferences are almost over, whew! You got this! I know you have got to be exhausted, but I know you love the work. That is the greatest example to me! I sure love the work too. It's fun knowing that we are engaged in the same work just in different places. I am jealous however that you get to go to the temple so often! I miss the temple. But I am grateful we get to go twice a year, such a blessing! I am excited to hear about girls camp. As the YW here talk about their preparations I always think of how fun it was going to camp with you and mom. I loved having you there!

Kennedy- Your pictures freaked me out! Stahhhp the cuteness! Sister Gropp was like "Oh my goodness your sister is so pretty!" And I was like "Yep.... I know...." hahaha You are such a babe. Hope everything is going well. I love you! Tell Grandma hi! Hope she is feeling better! Hope work is still bomb-diggity!

This week, oh boy! It was a slow week. May is a crazy month, especially for people with kids in school. So many investigators and members had to cancel! I feel like pretty much every appointment we had cancelled. But it's not the end of the world!! haha We got to do things that we weren't planning on doing, and maybe that's exactly what Heavenly Father needed us to do, who knows. We have zero dinner appointments lined up for this week, but we have a goal to have 10+ active member lessons, so we are preparing for a miracle! It's totally going to happen. It's funny how dinner appointments aren't even for the food, of course food is amazing and I love it more than I should, but the lessons are what matter most! Building super trust with the members and learning more about them is so fun, each family is so unique. I love getting to know the members, it's going to be hard to get transferred, but I don't like to think about that! haha

On Wednesday we went on exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders! It was an adventure. I really admire the Sister I was with in Shallotte. She is amazing! Her family has been through a lot, and she was inactive for a long time. But now she is here! Doing her best to share the gospel! What an example she is to me. Exchanges are great things because when you and your companion reunite it feels like you have been separated for ever. Sister Gropp and I were so excited to be back together we laughed for like 2 days straight!

Miracles- So even though this week was a bit slow, there were still some miracles and amazing things that happened! Because of all the cancellations I was getting bummed out, so because I'm a sassy mama I started praying a little differently. Instead of praying to be able to make appointments with investigators, I prayed that investigators would make appointments with us. I know, I know, sounds lazy. But guess what, it worked! We had a few investigators call and ask when we could meet with them! #prayersareanswered

Next, I don't know if this can count as a miracle, but as we went to do some more service with Sister Marshall at her property we got to go meet some of her future neighbors! One house we stopped by was by far my favorite. They raise pigs, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and goats, and they let us hold all the animals! It was the greatest thing ever! I'm not really an animal person, y'all know I think they are smelly and gross, but I LOVED holding the goats and petting the rabbits. So fun. It sure made my day!

Another miracle- we had two baptisms in our ward! Woohoo! One is a young man names Chris Vasquez. He is 17 I think, and such a solid kid. As we were at his baptism Sister Gropp and I were able to talk with his parents. They are very proud of him. They are not interested in the church but still supportive and I really admire that as parents! We are going to try to start teaching them :) As the baptism program ended, Chris got up and went over to hug his parents, and when he hugged his mom he broke down into tears! He was speaking Spanish (so to be honest I really have no idea what he was saying hahaha) but I think what I could pick out of it was just that he did it, and he was happy. I know that they felt the spirit that day. Brother Scott was another one who was baptized! He is probably in his 40's or 50's... okay its hard for me to tell ages with black people, they age so well! haha But his baptism was great too! When he was confirmed on Sunday, he rolled up to church looking real fly in his white suit and a big smile on his face. We talked with him afterwards and he just couldn't stop smiling, he told us he felt so happy and clean. Oh the joy that comes from living the gospel!!

Another miracle!! On Sunday Sister Aiena gave a lesson about flooding the earth with the Book of Mormon! She asked us Sisters to share a brief testimony of the Book of Mormon, and leave a few extra copies if anyone wanted to give one to a friend. After her lesson our ENTIRE box of Books of Mormon were gone!! Everyone wanted to give one away! Holy moly! This ward is my favorite. We are now out of Books of Mormon, but I am not even sad about it. The Zone Leaders are going to share some of theirs with us so it's all good. ;)

I love this gospel! It is so true. There is a great General Conference talk given by Tad R. Callister called The Book of Mormon, A Book from God. I challenge you to read it. I know that The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ! I know that those who truly love the Savior and seek to learn about Him can do so through the pages of the Book of Mormon. I know that this is His church restored upon the earth. How amazing is that! I can't get over how cool this church is and how true the Gospel is!

Keep up the good work!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Sister Wilcock


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