May 11, 2015


Raleigh Temple


Sister Gropp


Hi family!
Okay, just so you know, talking to y'all yesterday was just the greatest! I am so glad to see you're doing well. Your smiling faces always brighten my day! Thank you thank you thank you for all you do for me. :) I don't know if I said that yesterday, but I appreciate everything you do and everything you are!

This week was great! We were able to go to Raleigh/Apex for a 1st transfer training meeting on Tuesday. We ended up taking some sketchy back trail and it was an interesting ride, but pretty fun. We were able to learn more and check our progress from the first day. We have all changed so quickly! It's so funny how we have to weed out a lot of the things we are used to, but it changes our character in a way that brings us closer to our Savior. It was neat to see the change in all of my MTC buddies. They all said I was still as goofy as ever so they probably couldn't see that change in me I'm thinking... hahaha

We were able to drive to Raleigh again on Friday to go to the temple!!! Woohoo! I love the temple! I am so glad I got to go. It is such a neat place. I felt the Spirit so strong. As they prayed for the missionaries there I was so touched. It was a great day! Sister Gropp and I also experienced our first tropical storm! It rained for like 3 days straight. So fun! I love rain! There are also these tree frogs that I will send you a video of... They are EVERYWHERE. So neat but sooooo loud. Anyways, that has been fun.

Here are a few awesome things that happened with the work this week!! Sister Debbie Moore (a recent convert) was able to go to the temple this week!! Yahoo! She was so nervous to go and kept saying she didn't want to, but we talked her into it. ;) And she LOVED it. I am so happy she was able to go. She said it was like heaven and she wants to wear her temple dress every day because of how beautiful and "smooth" it is! So cute. Next, our investigator Angela came to church for Mother's Day! We weren't expecting her to come, but we were hoping she would. While we were greeting people at the door she walked right in and Sister Gropp and I jumped for joy. We were able to sing her favorite hymn, which is How Great Thou Art. I am so grateful for whoever chose to sing it! We had some other neat experiences this week, I am just having a hard time remembering them all..... haha

One of the things that I have loved learning about is Mothers!! Mom's are just the greatest. I have a binder full of talks about family because it is one of my favorite topics to study, but I would encourage you to read this one specific talk: Our Identity and Destiny by Tad R. Callister. Now that I am typing this I feel like I have told you about it already... Oh well. It's so good. Everybody read it! It was a BYU address, and I am so jealous of the students who were there when Elder Callister gave it. Such a powerful talk. Let me know what you think :)

I love missionary work! I am so grateful to be here in Wilmington! I am so grateful for families, and that they can be together forever. I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven who shows His love to me each and every day. As you go throughout this week, do so with a grateful heart. I have found the most joy as I continually consider the things I am grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful thing. :)

I am grateful for each of you!

Keep up the good work.

Keep smiling. Smiling's my favorite!!!


Sister Sicily Wilcock


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