April 13, 2015




Sister Gropp

Straight up - Greenie

Hello Family!
My oh my it has been such an eventful last two weeks! I wrote a handwritten letter about the details of the last week in the MTC because I knew it was too awesome to be able to write about in the short time that I have. Highlights for those who can't read that:
-Easter was so good!
-April Fools in the MTC was a blast. #hilarious
-We had a surprise concert from Vocal Point (Go look them up!!)
-My District was the best ever
-We were taught by the stars of "The District" videos found on
-The MTC President ate lunch with us a few times, we were probably his favorite, just saying.... ;)
-Sister Higgin's and I had the greatest experience with our investigator. She was the sweetest.
Okay, so if you haven't heard, I made it to Raleigh!! My first area is in Wilmington, pretty much the furthest away from the mission home... Looks like President wanted to send the trouble maker as far away as possible!

It's the greatest area. Okay maybe it's my first area so I don't even know, but everyone says it's the greatest and I totally believe them because the people here are simply amazing. We have been well taken care of. Our numbers for accounting have significantly increased this week, and I want to thank you for your prayers in our behalf. I know that it's not me teaching these people, it is the Lord and the faith of others, and I am so grateful for that! We all know that if it was me doing this work alone it would be a giant mess. Seeing miracles happen has been a faith building experience! We have found at least 5 new investigators this week, and our contacting has been on fire too. What a blessing!
One thing I love about the South is that everyone is open about talking about Jesus! They will gladly share their beliefs with you, which is wonderful. Our first day contacting Sister Gropp and I were caught in a huge storm and were pretty far away from our car, so we ran to the closest house we knew, the Thorups. They are the sweetest old couple you'll ever meet. They dried our clothes, fed us dinner and gave us cookies. I am so grateful for their kind hearts. We had dinner this week with a couple named the Pearces. Another brilliant couple! Brother Pearce is one of the cutest and funniest people I have met here. He is so animated and quick witted, I just love it. He is blind and has a hard time remembering our names, so he calls Sister Gropp "Sister Golfball" and he calls me "Sister Willy Wonka". He told me after I shared a message with them, that if meeting him was the only reason I can on my mission, that would be enough because of the joy he felt that night. It touched my heart. A fun fact about Brother Pearce is that he was Michael Jordan's little league baseball coach back in the day!
I don't have time to talk about all of the amazing people here, but they truly are amazing and I love them!!
Funny story..... So yesterday was my first Sunday in Wimington. I was so excited to get to work, meet the ward council, meet the members, and hopefully make a good first impression and begin to build relationships of trust! That epically failed as I arrived that morning for coordination meeting. I forgot my name tag. Might not seem like a big deal, but for a missionary it's like going out naked. So that was embarrassing. Then came ward council. And meeting the Bishop. And then in Sacrament meeting Bishop announced it to the entire ward. I don't think I will ever hear the end of that one, and I learned my lesson, to never leave the apartment without my tag!! #neveragain
One of the greatest miracles I saw this week was witnessing Michael's baptism! He is a young single adult member with cerebral palsy. One of the sweetest people I have ever met. Immediately after he was baptized he gave President Dell of the Elders Quorum the biggest hug and said "thank you" so clearly. The Spirit was so strong. I am so grateful for his example in following the Lord's example. Baptism is an amazing thing, but it is only the fist step. We each have a responsibility to continue on that path after baptism!
Okay I am running out of time and still want to send pictures so I have to stop writing now! But I sure love each of you! You are in my prayers every night and I love love love hearing from you! My new address for the time being is 802 Nature Trail Dr Apt #203, Wilmington NC 28405.
Love you! Read the Book of Mormon! Pray about it! Its AMAZING. I promise.
-Sister Wilcock
PS I have more time to hand write than email.... so I apologize for not writing much here! If you want to hear more drop a line my way!


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