June 3, 2014


Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Rousseau

Another great week here in Aberdeen!!!!

We had another great week here in Aberdeen!!!! I am really enjoying it here! It is such a neat city! We are right next to the beach and not too far out is all the farm land! Speaking of the farm....we did some more work out there this week! There were a lot of calves that needed to be tagged so we had to catch them. Usually you would do the job on the back of a horse but four missinaries running around on feet is just as good hahah. We were able to catch them all which was a big task and a huge miracle! Way fun though! We were all pretty much a mess afterwards though covered in mud and cow poo. Yippee!!! But really it was really fun and a huge help to our farmer friend Billy! We also started teaching Amejuma. We met him on the street. He is from Nigeria and is here studying. He is way awesome! When we talked to him on the street we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and was super excited and told us he had been looking for a book like the Book of Mormon because he knew not all of God's word was included in the Bible. He is way solid! He is reading and praying about it right now. We are teaching a few other peple from Nigeria and they are all just great! They are some of the most referral giving people ever. They just tell all their friends about us and it is just so great! We taught our investigator Poly on Sunday and he had brought his friend Michael (who we are now teaching) and at the end of the lesson Poly told Michael that he needed to invite someone to listen to us now to keep the chain going. It is so great! They are such God loving people it is so sweet! Then yesterday we had zone development, which is why I am emailing today. Every second Monday of each transfer we have zone development which is pretty much a day of fun with the zone. This is something new that President is doing to help releave stress. So this was the second one. It was super fun though! The whole zone met at Slain castle and we played capture the flag in the castle. Way cool right?! Slain castle is super neat. It is right on the coast and is ruins so pretty much the ultimate place to play capture the flag! Then after a while of playing we all went to the stake center and played games and ate dinner! Oh and by the way the weather was perfect!!!!! The sun has been out! Yay!!!! I am looking forward to this week! I can't believe that May is over but we are having some good things happening this month! I love you all so much and hope you have the best week ever! Enjoy the summer and sun! We don't get as much of it here ;)

Love, Sister Moore


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