May 26, 2014


Aberdeen, Scotland


Sister Rousseau

One Crazy Week!

So I just hope you enjoy my week as much as I did because it has just been.....crazy! hahaha But really it has been awesome as well!

Monday and Tuesday consisted of saying a lot of good byes which are never fun but it was all good to be able to see a lot of people before I left. Especially Sammy and Stuart, Pierre, Amad, and Sister Barnshaw!!!! Pierre was super sweet and he gave me like 3 gifts!!!!! One of them was of a willow tree statue of an angel. It is way cute and he wrote me a super sweet card. Both days were pretty crazy we were running around Glasgow! But super fun! Wednesday is were the madness began. The senior couple picked us up in the morning to take me to the train station but traffic was so bad that we got there late so we couldn't leave in the train to Edinburgh that we were supposed to leave on. But wasn't too big of a problem, so finally another train comes but it was way packed so me and the two other missionaries that got on it had a hard time finding room for all of our luggage. It was seriously spread out all over the train. Thank goodness the train staff were very kind and patient with helping us with everything or it major would have been a disaster. We arrived in Edinburgh with no phone expecting someone to pick us up and take us to the mission home but no one came for a while. Finally someone showed up and we were able to head to the mission home where I was supposed to get in a car with other missionaries to pick up my new companion in Dundee then finish up the drive to Aberdeen. Well the other missionaries that I was supposed to get in the car with weren't there so ya.... So there was a lot of confusion. Due to that confusion and some poor planning I was put into a car with two Elders and a TON of luggage. Seriously that car was going to explode if any of the doors were opened, and we still had to go pick up my companion in Dundee. It was way packed!!!! Well then it turned out that neither of the two Elders I was in the car with had drivers licenses so they told me I had to drive. I was like..."wait what?" Yup! I got to drive! I was a wee bit nervous considering the fact that the last time I drove was over a year ago, and that the last time I actually drove I got in an accident! Plus driving in the city of Edinburgh on the opposite side of the road in the opposite side of the car. Anyways I was there at the mission home with a bunch of Elders telling me that really I didn't have a choice in the much for free agency hahaha. But then I didn't even know where to go and the car didn't have a GPS so they had to go print out directions which were wrong and then they printed me right directions. Then we said a prayer making sure that everybody would be safe and that my new companion would be able to fit in the car (a very real and serious concern...) So we embarked on our journey but there was a detour and it wasn't marked or anything so I was kinda aimlessly driving around a city that I didn't know, trying to get to another city I didn't know, with an Elder form Denmark and an Elder from New Zealand who didn't know either, but needless to say we had a crazy journey and some how made it to Dundee. Craziness, but it all worked out. Eventually we got my companion and made it to Aberdeen!!!!! Yay!!!! Well The rest of the week was really good as well. I am realizing I don't have time to write in as much detail as I would like but I will try and get everything in here. So here we have bikes and there are also lots of round abouts and hills so hopefully I don't die, I have survived this far, but no promises. So just in case... I love you all and Seth gets everything hahahaha jk. I am sure I will make it. We have some great investigators here and one of them is this sweet old farmer named Billy!!!!! And you will never guess but we help do service on his farm every week because it needs a lot of work! So on Saturday we went and worked on it!!!!! I was just so happy being around the horses, cows and sheep just fixing fences and what not! Oh it was just lovely! Well after working on the farm and getting some good work done we went to the nearest shop and changed back into proselyting clothes, but the door didn't lock so my companion was standing outside of it and of course this guy just ran in on me as I was changing....awkward!!!! Let me tell you....lots of awkward things happened this day but I will just leave it at that. Anyways Sunday was good! I really enjoyed meeting the ward. They had me bear my testimony in Sacrament meeting and then Me and Sister Rousseau (my new comp) taught the RS lesson. It was really good! I am glad because we got asked last minute kinda and just planned it that morning quickly before we headed off to church but it was great! We even did some role plays with the RS sisters :) Then later that night we stopped this way drunk guy and we started talking to him and shared our card, and then we started walking down the road the same way so we talked a wee bit more about some hard things he is going through and how Jesus has helped him. Right before we went our separate ways though he looked at my badge and made like the biggest loudest gasp and was like...." No way guess what my name is!" so I said "Moore" and he started freaking out asking me " How did you know?!" It was really funny he then thought I was psychic and couldn't believe that I knew his name. Anyways it was a good week. I am kinda out of time but I love it here and I love my new comp! She is awesome!!!!!

Love you all so much!!!! Have a great week! I wish I had more time because these aren't even half the things that happened this week!

Love Sister MOore


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