May 5, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Griffin

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We had a great week! Weather has been up and down. It really can't ever make up its mind one day freezing and so stormy the next nice and sunny! I remember it being like this when I first came out on my mission it never gets dark! It is great though! Makes getting up easier! :) Pierre was confirmed yesterday!!! It was amazing!!! So many great blessings! Again I just feel so grateful for the opportunity to witness these amazing miracles and blessings! He is doing really good! He says that throughout the week it can be really hard because he doesn't go a day without someone bugging him about it or asking this and he told us he can't explain it to them besides the fact that he just knows and feels that it is right. He said that coming to church, reading praying and meeting with us are his time of peace and happiness in the week. Later yesterday the senor couple had a fireside at their flat. It was really nice! We just watched and discussed a mormon message. One of the recent converts (Carlos) started to ask some of his questions and concerns he has been having since he was baptized about 4 months ago. It was way neat because Pierre shared his testimony and experiences to help him. It was just way awesome to see! Also this week Stuart accepted a baptism date for June 1!!!!!!!!! He has a lot of work to do before then but he is excited and is working towards it!!!! We are super excited for him! I have really seen his testimony grow since the first day we met them! I seriously learn more and more every single day! My heart is so full of gratitude to the Lord! What a wonderful blessing and opportunity he has given me. I have really been thinking about it a lot just how truly blessed I am! I just want to show my gratitude by making every minute count. I want to do everything I can with this time the Lord has given me! I have been pondering a quote by President Monson this whole week. He said, " There is no tomorrow to remember if we don't do something today!" It is so important that each day we give it everything we have. This is especially true in missionary work! If we don't do anything today we definitely aren't going to have anything to do or remember tomorrow. I love our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. I know that he is called of God. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love his guidance and love! I love you and hope and pray for the very best for you!

Love, Sister Moore


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