April 22, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Griffin

Blessed Easter Week

So this week has been a crazy run of emotions. It was super hard and sad to see Sister Allen go on Wednesday but I love my new companion. Her name is Sister Griffin. She is from Arizona as well!!!! :) She is just the cutest. We get along really well and I am excited to see what we are going to do this transfer!!!!!

This whole week I just had and ongoing headache because I had just gotten back from the concert then Sister Allen left so I was trying to stay organized and get everything done that I needed to and then Pierre was having his Baptism interview on Saturday. So pretty much I didn't really sleep but this week has truly been so amazing!!!!! Saturday night we met with Pierre to teach him before his interview. It was pretty much just a review and to help him feel at peace because these past couple weeks have been super super hard for him. A lot of people are trying to get him to slip up and not go through on getting baptized and it has been really hard for him. He has seriously sacrificed so much and is completely changing his life!!!! He lost some friends this week because of it but his faith and perseverance are so inspiring even though it has been really hard for him. It was a really good lesson and he passed his interview!!!!! He left happy but still really nervous for his baptism. We had a wonderful Easter service. It was such a beautiful and sunny day. Pierre bought a suit for church which was pretty cool. He also bought us these giant chocolate Easter eggs and got me this book for the history of my last name in Ireland. After church was over we just started to get ready for the baptism. He was super nervous as was I. I don't know why but I was just so stressed. I just wanted everything to be really good. He had family and friends there and I wanted it to be a spiritual experience for all of them, and it was. It was perfect!!!!! The member we asked to speak at the baptism did such an amazing job!!!!! I was just so happy. I don't know if I can even explain it but it make it just so personal for Pierre and his family and friends. The spirit was so strong. Then of course the actual baptism! Pierre said that right as he got in the water he was so calm. He seriously came back so happy and beaming!!! It just made my heart so happy!!!! Afterward we took some pictures and had some refreshments. The ward was super good with him and his family and friends. He just seemed so happy and was really touched by the Spirit. Then yesterday we taught Sammy and Stuart. And Stuart knows he needs to be baptized. He told us! He is just having a hard time with the fact that he would have to give up his tea. He seriously drinks so much! But he told us he knows he has to do it and that it just scares him. It was such a powerful lesson. He is praying for about the May 17th and is starting to cut back on the tea. As we were coming out of their high flat building on our way home we started walking down these stairs but then I realized that we were going the longer way so I turned around to go the shorter way but then just felt like we were really supposed to go the long way down the stairs so we did. And who did we run into? Pierre!!!! That is the only other time we have seen him on the street since we met him at the end of February!!!! It was such a blessing because he is super busy and we aren't going to be able to see him again until Sunday. We told him how we were about to go a different way but felt that we needed to walk this way and he said that he usually gets a lift home from work but that he felt like he needed to walk today. It was such a tender mercy. We talked about his baptism and how he was feeling. He was just so smiley!!! It made my heart so happy!!!! He told us again that when he got in the water it was just very calm and that he has been so happy since. He told us how later that night his friends wanted to go out and celebrate his baptism but he told them that he needed to keep the Sabbath day holy. Then he said later that night he was praying and he just started to cry. He was like, " I don' know why but I just started crying!!!" He was just so happy and touched by his baptism and the things he felt. He also said that since then he has just been so calm and happy. He said all his questions and concerns have left and he just feels so at peace even when people are still trying to bring him down. He said that morning as he was walking to work he was just praying about how grateful he was. It has truly just been the most amazing and uplifting week. I have learned so much about faith humility and diligence from him. I have learned so much about our Savior, Jesus Christ. I know so deeply in my heart that he is the savior and Redeemer of the world. This is his church and His work. He loves us so much!!!! I was able to see His love shine so much on this beautiful Easter! I know He lives and that I need to open my eyes more to his miracles and my ears more to his voice. I love Him and will serve Him with all that I have. I love you all and hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!!

Love Sister Moore


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