April 14, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

This Week.......

So....this week will be more of a week of pictures but I will try and explain them! :)
So the concert went really good!!!!! We started off in Glasgow and toured over to Dundee and Edinburgh throughout the week. It was definitely different than anything I have done on my mission but it was really neat. The music was amazing and each concert was just filled with the Spirit. It was hard to be away from Glasgow and Sister Allen for the week but she held down the fort like a champ! On Saturday we performed in the St. Giles cathedral in Edinburgh and it was just amazing!!!! The spirit was so strong as we sang and there were soooooooooo many people there. A lot of tourists and from that performance a lot of hearts were touched as we got to talk with people after the performance!!!! It was really neat!!! A lot of these pictures are of the Cathedral. Hopefully I will get a copy of the video of the concert so you can watch it some day.

Sadly, my best friend is leaving this week. Yesterday was crazy. After finally getting home super early from Edinburgh we taught Pierre before church, had church, went to a dinner with some members and Pierre, Tried by some people and got our dreaded moves call. I am so heart broken. I know this is part of the mission but we just balled our eyes out when we found out Sister Allen is leaving. She is going all the way down to Cork in Ireland , so that should be fun but she is going to be so missed here in Glasgow! That girl has touched so many hearts here. Especially mine!!!! I love her to death!

I love you all so much!!!!!!!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes from this week!!!!! :)


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