March 31, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen


So this week we both got the stomach flu!!! It was terrible but I am happy that we are over it! Even though that consumed most of our week we had some awesome things happen! Amad was at church yesterday again and he just really loves it. We had a good lesson with him this week and we began to teach him the gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught Pierre the word of wisdom this week and he accepted it so amazingly! Me and Sister Allen were both like, "Are we really in Scotland?!" He said the only thing that would be difficult is that the next day he was going on a weekend trip with his buddy that is getting married and 13 of their friends. He said he was probably going to have a lot of pressure but that he would live it! So we will see how that went this week! He is excited about his baptism and said that God has answered his prayers and he knows that this is something he needs to be doing! We are way excited for him and to see him again this week! This week we also saw some miracles with the ward! We are really excited about this!!! A family moved in not too long ago from New Zealand. They are originally from here but have lived there for a while( they have been telling us all about New Zealand though and I think I am going to have to move there after my mission). They are amazing and just help and support us so much!!!!! Since then we have seen the ward as a whole be a lot more supportive and it just really helps the work! There was just a whole different feel at church yesterday it was great!!!!!!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! Sorry this is kinda short but I am off the Edinburgh for a couple days!!

Love, Sister Moore


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