March 24, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen


So the best possible way for me to describe this week would probably be using the word roller coaster! It has been crazy, scary, up, down and a real thrill! I wish I could really describe the emotions that we have gone through this week but there aren't really words. So I will begin... Sadly we haven't been able to get a hold of Sammy and Stuart this week. We passed them on the street on Tuesday but they were off to the hospital. We have tried by several times this week and phoned them quite a bit but nothing! We are super sad! Hopefully we will get to hear from them soon! Sadly number 2, Kevin dropped us. We had some really amazing lesson with him this week and we saw him Saturday. He was all set to come to church but didn't show up. We phoned him and he didn't answer (which isn't like him), So we made sometime to go try by him and he just said that he has really grown from coming to church, reading the Book of Mormon, and learning from us and that he had felt the Spirit but that he wanted to stop learning. Let me tell you...this BROKE our hearts!!!! It was really hard to take that from someone who has come leaps and bounds! Who knows what we have taught is true and chooses to not allow it to continually bless them. On the upside our investigator Pierre is doing really good! We taught him on Saturday night about some of the commandments (obedience, prayer and scripture study) he really liked it and understood it well! We also committed him to be baptized on the 20th of April and he accepted!!!! YAY!!!!! He is kinda nervous but way excited! He is way awesome!!!! We talked about coming to church but he said that he couldn't because he had work again which made us really sad! But much to our surprise on Sunday morning we were sitting in the beginning of Sacrament meeting and a member from the other ward came in and pulled us out and who was standing there?....Pierre!!!!! We were not expecting that at all!!! We both thought it was going to be Kevin at this point but my heart was jumping for joy! He stayed for all 3 hours and enjoyed it even though it was way confusing for him. After church he expressed that he had read the chapter we had left for him the night previous, had prayed about his baptism date and then opened up the Bible randomly and started to read and he is feeling good about his date! He is awesome! I can still remember the first time we met him! We were on our way to catch a bus in a dark ally way in a pretty dodgy part of Glasgow and we taught him about the Book of Mormon! How great is that?! Amad is doing pretty good as well. We tried really hard to set a date with him again but he says he isn't ready. He was at church and Sacrament meeting was perfect for him so we are looking forward to this next week. He has really gotten close with some of the ward members this week so we are happy about that. He is really good we just have to take things a little slower with him because of his limited understanding of Christianity. It is pretty foreign and new to him but he is loving it! I have such a testimony of this Gospel! It is so important that we share it with everyone! No matter who we are it can and will always help improve our lives and ourselves as we act upon it and allow it to change us. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to witness these changes in those that we are working with and within myself. I got and email this week from a re-activated member that me and Sister Galbraith worked with back in Belfast. She expressed her testimony to me and the growth she has seen in herself and her family since she come back to church (coming up on a year ago). It made my heart jump for joy. I have seen not only that change in her but a change in myself since that time. I am grateful for the gift of great change this gospel brings. A change of heart! I know that this is possible because of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love him. He is the reason!

I love you all so much! Hope you all enjoy your last week of March! Enjoy every minute of it and just love life because there is just so much to love!

Love, Sister Moore


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