March 10, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

From Gilbert to Glasgow

So the big miracle I want to talk about this week is very dear to my heart! I want to thank you all for keeping me so updated and informed on the Gilbert temple open house, cultural event and dedication! I love the temple! I know it is the House of the Lord and it has touched my heart to hear all of the miracles and stories and how it has impacted all of you. Even though I am all the way in Scotland I too was so touched by this amazing event! And I wasn't the only one!!!! On Saturday afternoon we had a lesson with Amad. Right when we walked in he was all excited and asking questions about temples. We were pretty surprised since we haven't really talked much about temples but soon found out that he had gotten on earlier and just clicked on one of the highlights on the website which was The Gilbert, Arizona Temple Dedication! He wad read all about it, looked at pictures and watched a short video clip that included some of the cultural event and President Monson speaking. He had so many questions and you could tell that it just really touched him. On Sunday morning at church he was talking to me and told me how he couldn't sleep all that night because he couldn't stop thinking about the temple. Then at the end, when he was putting his coat on and getting ready to leave, he said that he was going to go home and watch the video clip again and look up more of the temples. I know that the Spirit has touched his heart and has confirmed truth to him as he watched and felt a part of this event. I have just been so touched and overcome with emotion through all of this. I am all the way in Scotland and I still got to see and be a part of this special event! We are so excited to be able to talk about it with him a little more this week and explain what her has felt.

Although that was such a big miracle and highlight for me we still saw so many other blessings this week!

Sammy and Stuart are doing pretty good. They have been studying the Book of Mormon and we had a powerful Plan of Salvation lesson with them this week. We talked a lot about the atonement. I felt inspired to talk about not only how the atonement is healing for us and the mistakes that we make but that through Christ and His atonement we can be healed from the damage that others have done to us. Sammy really opened up and said that that really hit home for her because she is dealing with that right now and is going to court this week to face someone that has really hurt her. It was such a powerful part of the lesson! We also are excited to help both of them to quit smoking!!!! They are both excited and ready so we are way excited to start the stop-smoking program with them!!!!

Pierre is our new investigator from last week but we had a really really good lesson with him yesterday. He is really searching right now! We taught the plan of salvation and he really opened up to us as well. He shared some experiences and bore his own testimony of how he knows someone is looking out for him. he expressed his feelings on how he doesn't really feel close to God though and struggles with believing that there is life after this. He asked us some really good questions and commented on how at our last lesson he really liked the way we prayed because he hadn't ever heard anyone talk to God like that. He had also looked up stuff about mormons on the internet and really liked the standards we live by. It was a powerful lesson and opportunity to bear testimony that he himself can have a personal relationship with God his Heavenly Father and his Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful for my relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know they live and love us! I know that the Temple is The House of the Lord hear on the earth! I love this gospel and this work! I love all of you and your examples to me!

Love, Sister Moore


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