March 3, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

Just can't get enough!

So moves call was yesterday and we are both staying!!!!! Can't tell you how excited we both are! That is the first call in a while since there hasn't been any changes for me! The previous 4 moves something has happened, so I am way happy!!!!!! Yay!
We had some really cool things that happened this week! I will just summarize some of my favorites though!

District Meeting- This weeks district meeting was amazing!!!! We talked a lot about our own personal conversion. We all read letters that we had written to ourselves at the begining of the transfer. It was really neat because I feel like the things I really wanted to work on this transfer were things that I have definitely have seen improvements and success in! Me and Sister Allen took a look at our goals for the transfer and we are definitely accomplishing them! This area has had such a transformation! It has been amazing! Anyways we looked at a lot of really good scriptures about Peter and in many of them I think I could relate to him so well! Then we listened to this way awesome talk by Elder Holland that he gave at the MTC and boy was it powerful!!!! I loved it! The spirit was so strong! Such a good and powerful time that I had to ponder and reflect about my relationship and love for the Savior.

Sammy and Stewart- We had the most amazing lessons with them this week! Sammy is dislexic and has a hard time reading so we helped them better understand what they had been reading! It was so great! Stewart read the first 8 chapters!!! They are seriously the cutest couple because Sammy cant read so he reads to her and Stewart "can't" pray so she prays for them. But this is where the huge miracle comes in! We watched the Restoration DVD with them which was so powerful! Afterwards Stewart had a bunch of questions so we answered them all and were talking about how he needs to pray because God is ultimately the best one that can answer his questions. From the very begining he has said he won't pray. But this week we got Sammy to pray for the first time in a lesson and right after she finished the prayer he said, "okay I will say the next one!" It was crazy! I am pretty sure me and Sister Allen were sitting there with our mouths wide open because we weren't expecting that at all! When it came time for him to pray he was really nervous and was second thinking what he had earlier volunteered himself to do but it was so cute because Sammy was like,"It's okay I will help you!" So she helped him learn how to pray! It was such a pwerful moment and powerful lesson overall. Ever since we have met them we have just been super close with them but I feel like Stewart opened up even more. I shared the experience of when we met them and how it was a big deal for us and such an answer to our prayers. He expressed that it was the same on their side of it. They had been having a hard week and especially hard day and it was a sense of relief to them which he expressed is weird because he usually doesn't like religious people and avoids them like a plague. They are so special!

Rosemary- So Rosemary is a potential we met on the street a couple weeks ago. We set up an appointent with her but when we got there she cancelled with us and just told us it wasn't a good time. We managed to get her to come out of her flat and talk with us for a couple minutes. Within this short converstaion she just started balling and telling us all this stuff that she is dealing with right now. She felt really bad that she had to cancel with us but there was a man there that kept calling at her to come inside so she said she wants to set up another time and meet with us at the church. Much of what she said to us I couldn't understand because she was just balling so much but I knew that she must be in so much distress and anguish. I can't even explain it but in that moment I felt so much love for this lady that I didn't hardly know and couldn't understand. I saw her in completely different eyes and just started testifying of different truths of the gospel that I know Heavenly Father wanted her to hear. I know that Heavenly Father is very aware of her right now as He is all of us but this was such a special and touching experience. I really can't put it into words. Both me and Sister Allen were being led to say the things that we shared with Rosemary that day. I felt it so powerfully in my heart. We were both so in tune with eachother and the Spirit. We said a prayer with her, which was one of the most powerful prayers I have heard. And immediately afterward I just gave Rosemary the biggest hug. Walking away after this experience me and Sister Allen were speachless and had no idea what had just happened. All I know is that all three of us walked away from that so touched. There are not words to describe what happened.

Amad- He is doing really good! He came to church on Sunday and a baptism service and really enjoyed it! We had some really good powerful lessons with him this week as well. He continues to ask such good question and continues to progress! We love him so much!!!!!

Zone Fast- Our zone started a fast on Saturday night for our zone goal of 9 baptisms for March. We had a big conference call with all of us and one of the missionaries said the opening fast prayer. It was such a neat experience. Very powerful and it just felt so united! I am so grateful to be a missionary! It is seriously the greatest!!!!

These were all very powerful experiences this week! I am so grateful for my testimony, for my relationship I have with my Savior, Jesus Christ. It continues to grow and strengthen each day! I love him with all my heart! I love this church! I love the Book of Mormon! I love this work! I love ALL of YOU!

Love, Sister Moore


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