February 17, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

Finding Fever!!!!

We had such a amazing week!!!! I can't even tell you how happy we are right now!!!!!

Monday- It was a pretty average p-day.Nothing too exciting. We had an appointment with a less active to meet and teach her non-member friend but that fell through so we went and tried by a less-active part member family and were able to have a pretty good lesson with them.

Tuesday- We had district meeting. We got to do a little bit of instruction so that was pretty fun. We also did quite a bit of street contacting and try bys. The sweet Gilardi's from Ayr came and took us out to lunch. I love and miss them so much but it was just really really sweet of them! Then we did some more street contacting before we had to head off to city center to meet the Sister Training Leaders for exchanges. I went to Irvine with Sister Ricks. It was fun to be back over in that area since Irvine is quite close to Ayr. We met the coolest man ever on the train. He is a scientist that works at Glasgow University but he lives in Ayr (so not in either of our areas). We had a really good lesson with him about the Book of Mormon on the train and were able to get his contact information to give the the Sisters in Ayr. He was seriously sooooo good!!!! Typical scientist looking like it hadn't been washed in days, crazy awsome curled up mustache! It was great!!!!

Wednesday- We finished our exchange. I always learn so much from other missionaries!!!!! It was really good! On the way back to Glasgow me and Sister Ricks were doing a exchange evaluation and she was asking me how me and Sister Allen were doing. She told me that she especially feels and knows that our companionship is so inspired. I feel the same way! I seriously love Sister Allen so much and we are so excited for this work here in Glasgow! We have seen it grow so much since the begining of the transfer and see it continue to grow each day!!!! By small and simlpe things it just keeps progressing! Then later on we had a lesson with Roberta. It was really neat because her daughter was there and we were able to talk to her and get her information so we can go see her and hopefully start to teach her as well.

Thursday- We had a lesson with Sammy and Stuart! I seriously love them so much!!!!! We are so excited for them! Stuart was talking to us about some things that have stopped him from believeing in God. He asked so many questions and asked us how we both knew that God was actually there. It was such a good lesson! We committed them to read Alma 32 and pray together about some of their specific questions that they have.

Friday- Happy Valentines Day! I decorated the flat a wee bit in the morning before Sister Allen got up. All of our appointments fell through which was quite sad because the weather was TERRIBLE!!!! There was no one out. It was snowing and raining and windy and hail and then snow again. We were soaked and freezing! We phoned the member that was going to come teach with us to tell her that they cancelled an then she asked if we could come help her pack because she is moving. It was such a blessing! Not only were we able to get out of the terrible weather but we were able to help her and get to know her a lot better! Then she took us around the corner to the cutest little cafe for a little Valentines Day treat! It was seriously the biggest blessing!!! As we were in her house packing we looked out the windows and it was just so miserable! After that we saw a less active and had a good lesson with her! Then that night Sister Allen had made this yummy yogurt cake that you squeeze lemon juice on so we sat by our little space heater and ate it to top off our wonderful valentines day!

Saturday- THE SUN WAS OUT AND ACTUALLY VISIBLE!!!!! Scotland seriously can't make up its mind but we had the greatest day finding in the sun! WE did some city center finding in the morning and me and Sister Allen mustered up the courage to get a picture with the way cool bagpipers and drummers! Then we got on the bus to go try by some people and there was only one other person on the bus so we said hi and he imediately asked what our badges were for haha...he walked into that one. We had a really really good conversation with him and got his contact info but it just so happened that we both got off at the same bus stop which was right by the church so we asked him if he wanted a church tour. He said that he did because he had walked past it so many times and always wanted to go in but no one was there. Such a big miracle that the building was open and there were women there so we could go in and give him a tour. It was the coolest thing ever!!!!!! He was asking all these questions and was way interested. He is muslim and is from Iraq. He has lived here for quite some time and is married to a Scottish lady. It was such a good tour/lesson! We set up a time this week to go see them so we are way excited!!!!! Huge miracle! Later that evening we had Stake conference. It was all about missionary work!!! WOO HOO!!! President and Sister Brown spoke so it was way good to be able to see them plus they are just so amazing and inspiring!!!!

Sunday- We had Stake Conference. President and Sister Brown spoke again and then the Preston Temple President and his wife spoke. It was really good! President talked about how he asks the Lord in his prayers to show him what he does that displeases the Lord and how he can change (I did that this morning in study and boy does it work!!!! I am so happy to change though!). It was kind of a slow day compared to the rest of the week but we accomplished so much!

This week has been so busy but I can not tell you how many people we have met and been able to set up a return appointment or get contact info from. We have finding fever! We also had more joint teached this week than all the other weeks of this transfer added together. I am so happy with how this area is progressing. Our teaching pool is growing so much and we are working so much better with the ward!!!! Still so much work to do but just so happy!!!!!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!!

Love, Sister Moore

P.S. Have confidence in the Lord. He has so much confidence in you!


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