January 27, 2014


Glasgow, Scotland


Sister Allen

Onward to Glasgow!

What a week.....
It has been so crazy but absolutely awesome!
Monday- Our day was madness but ended up to just be the best day ever! We had an appointment scheduled with Irene and had to do shopping and emailing and we were going to go out to Troon. It all got messed up though when we were on the bus on our way out to see Irene. She texted us when we were on the bus to tell us that she couldn't mmet with us because she wasn't in Cumnock. We jusmped off the bus fast (to save us from the hour drive) and I was praying so hard in my heart that everything would work out. I immediately phoned her and asked her why she couldn't meet. I told her that I was leaving on Wednesday and that I wanted to see her before I left. She was so sad and said she would try to get to Cumnock fast. So we scheduled around our whole day and thank goodness we were able to see her that afternoon. It was such an amazing lesson! We watched the finding faith in Christ dvd and she loved it so we gave it to her to keep. She doesn't have a lot of knowledge about the scriptures and everything Christ did so it was really good for her and the spirit was way strong. I just bore my testimony to her at the end and invited her to be baptized!!!! And she accepted!!!!! I am way sad that I won't be there for it and she started crying when she realized that I wouldn't be able to come but she is so faithful and being so brave. I am jsut so excited for her! She is so amazing! I miss her a lot!
Tuesday- I said bye to a lot of people. We had dinner and pancakes with the Gilardis and then I said good bye to our investigator, Susan. When I told her I was leaving she screamed so loud! I was way scared. She just started balling and I had no idea what to do. I felt really bad.
Wednesday- Moves day. I got to Glasgow pretty early. So me and Sister Allen spent the day getting to know, unpacking and writing lettters. I love Sister Allen so much!!!!! She is amazing!!!! I am way excited to be here with her!
Thuirsday- We planned and set some amazing goals and plans for this area. We only have one investigator right now so we are focusing a lot on expanding our teaching pool. The rest of the day we spent finding.
Friday- We had one less active appointment that evening and the rest of the day we spent tracting and finding. But let me tell you. The Lord ahs blessed us so so much!!!!! WE have found so many amazing people that I can't wait to teach and we have been able to set up so many appointments for next week.
Saturday- We met with the zone leaders and other missionaries in city center and did some finding. It was freezing absolutely freezing cold. But it was good we found some potentials. Then we had sports finding and we played chair football with some potentials and the elders at the church. It was way nice to break up the day a bit.
Sunday- We had church and then we were going to spend the rest of our day doing some less active try bys but our night didn't turn out totally as planned. I wish I could help you realize how fuuny of a night it was. We got way lost. Thankfully it was productive because we found more people but seriously we were lost forever...hours. We had such a funny night trying to find our way to this less active that had moved. But like I said it was good. The Lord, despite all the craziness that happened, still helped us to find and teach people. The whole time Sister Allen had to pee so that made it worse but I thought it was hilarious and was laughing the whole time and finally we asked this guy to help us and he was way cool and helped us but then tried to give Sister Allen a hug and then she freaked out and it was way funny. Then we stopped this other guy and were talking to him and he accidently spit all over her face. Then we missed our bus...and it went on and one it was so funny! Oh and one of the members from Belfast is going to school in Glasgow now so I saw him at church and it was way good because I got to here my name in an Irish accent for the first time in a while. It was great!!!!
It was such a busy week. A lot of hard work but we felt so accomplished!!! What we have to share is so worth it!!!!! I love you all and Hope you have a wonderful week!

Also on a funny note I had this way funny dream the other night that I was arrested because the police officer thought I was mexican. I dont know if it is just because of my desire to have tan skin again and the lack of mexican food here but it was way funny!

Love Sister Moore


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