January 20, 2014


Ayr, Scotland


Sister Lund

What an Interesting Week!!

This has been such an interesting week!!!!!! I can't even put into words how I feel but I will try...

Monday was great! It was p-day and then we had ward FHE at the church. I was in charge of the activity/game and I was way nervous because it needs to be fun for all ages and so I was trying to think and couldn't think of anything except "Do you love you neighbor?" I was kinda depressed about that but it actually turned out to be way fun! We had some potentials there and so we had a good group and everyone got way into it and were running across the room shoving and everything. The Scottish are way fiery and I got like thrown across the room and was scared my skirt was going to fly up but it was way fun!!!! We all had a great time!

Tuesday we had some crazy experiences. But then after that madness we were able to finally see Sandra again and have a good lesson with her. We were finally able to get her concern out of her. She is really just having a hard time with the Book of Mormon and really only believes in the New Testament but hardly even reads it anyway so we are still working with her.

Wednesday we had the worst....ABSOLUTELY WORST meal of our lives!!!!!! I can usually stomach things but I was gagging. Not to mention that there was a mountain of it!!!! It was horrible!!! Sister Lund managed to get some of hers in a napkin but I had to eat it all!!!! It makes me sick just thinking about it and I was sick the rest of the day plus the next 2 days! We also saw Irene and had a really good and powerful lesson. We talked a lot about prayer and specifically why and how we pray. It was awesome!!!!!

Thursday I was way sick! We still got stuff done and were able to see quite a few people but my memory and comprehension from it is limited!

Friday was similar. We went out to Troon and saw some less actives. Troon is probably one of my favorite parts of our area. It is so beautiful.Then that night we had dinner with the Langs and I had Haggis for the first time!!! WOO HOO! It was chicken stuffed with Haggis but it was way good!!! I really liked it!

Saturday we had another great lesson with Irene!!!! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is amazing! She has been praying and reading every day and you can just literally see the change in her! Her comprehension is sooooooo good now and she thrives on learning more. She wants to be baptized but her fear of water is still a big barrier. However I can see it chipping away as we continue to see her. She is amazing!!!!

Sunday....this is wear things get rocky. So church was good. The day was good. Then we were asked to speak at the stake young women new beginnings so we got a lift with Sister Gilardi out to the stake center in Paisley. Everything was fine and great!!!!! We were laughing and excited. Then Sister Lund (in the back of the car) answers the phone as we pull into the Stake center parking lot. We were expecting our moves call so I figured thats what it was but I (along with everyone else) assumed that there would be no changes so I looked over at Sister Gilardi and was like, " There's no changes." Because we know if the zone leaders phone then we are staying the same but if Presidents phones we know something is up. I could have sworn I heard one of our zone leaders voices and Sister Lund says, " Okay..ya..okay President I will give the phone to her." I looked at her and laughed and was like, "haha Thats not funny! Stop messing with me!" I really thought she was messing with me so I pulled the phone out of her hand expecting to hear one of the zone leader but it really was President! My heart sank!!!!! I can not explain what I was feeling. I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT!!!!!!!!! I didn't really comprehend anything he said to me because my head was spinning and I did not see that coming but all I know is that I am leaving for Glasgow on Wednesday. I just burst into tears! I was balling like a baby. How rediculous!! Sister Gilardi just came and gave me the biggest hug and I did not know how to react to this. I am sooooo soooo sad. I love Ayr! I love this ward soooo much! I love Irene! And I love love love Sister Lund so much!!!!!! Anyways I had to get composure over myself so I could speak to the young women about how great missions are! It ended up being really really good!!!! I am so happy with how it turned out. Me and Sister Lund taught soooo well together!!!!! It was awesome!!!! After words lots of people were thanking us and specifically this one lady that her daughter is just coming into young womnens came up to me and was just thanking me so much for what I said tonight. She said her daughter perked right up and listened the whole time. She said it really touched her and she started crying and gave me the biggest hug. It was so sweet and just what I needed after the news I heard. Then she asked me if I knew Sister Ryan and I told her that she trained me and she was like hahah you remind me of was pretty funny. Then the rest of the night was just thinking. I am so sad to leave!!!!!!!!!!! I know it will be great and I am excited but I still am having a hard time believing that it is real, but it will be good!

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!!!

Love, Sister Moore


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