November 18, 2013


Ayr, Scotland


Sister Larsen

Hey There all my fello Americans

Hey There all my fello Americans,

Let me tell you... there is an American in the ward here and it is soooo weird to hear the accent. Really weird. I know that's exactly what I sound like but I got a little glimpse of what we sound like. It was awesome! Anyways this week was really good!

On Monday we had a ward FHE. It was so good! So fun! I absolutely love the members here! We had some potentials come and they really enjoyed it as well so it was really good to have them there. Tuesday we had Zone conference. It was amazing! It was exactly what I needed to hear. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about everything I need to work on and how to do it so it was really good to have some amazing instruction and to be left with some specific things to work on and how to do it. We talked a lot about inviting people to be baptized and following up on every commitment that we leave. We had some really good role plays and it was just fit us perfectly because we had a lesson this week that we were really nervous about and it helped with that (I'll explain more in a little bit). It was a really good training. I loved every second of it! It was from like 10-4:30. So the lesson that we have been really nervous for was on Thursday. It was for our investigators Sandra and Douglas (a married couple in their 50's). They are amazing! Such good people! Sandra has a strong belief in Christ but Douglas doesn't really believe. We were planning on teaching them the Restoration and inviting them to be baptized. So the whole week I was just praying so hard that it would go well and that the spirit would be there teaching them. I don't know if I have ever prayed so hard. The time came and the lesson was amazing the spirit was so strong! Probably one of my favorite lessons I have ever experienced. Sadly Douglas wasn't there but Sandra felt it. She told us that we were shinning. That we were surrounded by gold light. It was a powerful night. We invited her to be baptized and she accepted to be baptized on the 7th of December!!!!!! She is so cute she was all excited and asked us what time. Hahah She is so amazing and so prepared to hear the gospel. We have another lesson with her today. On Sunday she came to church and loved it! We had another investigator there as well and they knew each other! So crazy! This will be soo good for this other investigator to see Sandra be baptized. they started talking after church and Our other investigator was talking to Sandra and was telling her how she loves us and the church but doesn't think she has the strength to join and then asked Sandra if she joined and Sandra told her not yet. It was funny. We are being so blessed! It was also funny in Sacrament meeting on Sunday the stake president was in the ward and spoke. We spoke to him briefly before church so he knew I was new in the ward along with one of the elders so when he got up and spoke in sacrament meeting he said that he wanted to welcome Elder Johns and Sister Moore to the stake. He said, "I know that we aren't supposed to know the missionaries first names but I want to let all of you in on a little secret. Sister Moore's first name is Baptize. Baptize Moore." It was pretty funny! Every one got a kick out of it.

Well I love you all! It is getting cold here...supposed to snow this week but good news I am surviving! Hope you all have an amazing week. Remember we are sons and daughters of a King. Our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ love us. Pray for comfort and guidance. It comes!!!! Strengthen your relationship with the Savior and strive to always emulate. I promise this is where happiness, true happiness comes from!!!!

I love every single one of yous! Enjoy this next week!

Sister Moore


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