August 5, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith

3 Months!!!

Okay so this week has been a bit challenging.I don't think I have been rejected or yelled at as much as I have this week. Also we have all these investigators but they are all on holiday or we can't get a hold of them so it has been a little frustrating. Despite all this frustration I learned a valuable lesson. The lesson of patience and diligence. I studied in Preach My Gospel about diligence and just how important it is to continue in spite of obstacles and objections. I also read in Alma 1:25 how the saints were being persecuted and they endured it with much diligence and patience. I was pretty exhausted but all throughout the week I had this phrase running through my head from President Eyering. He is talking about his service to the Lord and when his body begs for rest he thinks of this rallying cry...Remember Him. This phrase, prayer and the peace that comes from the scripture have carried me throughout this week. Yesterday we had a really good Fast and testimony meeting. Prayers were answered and revelation was received. A good reminder that a witness comes after a trial of faith (Ether 12:6).

Love you all hope you have a great week!


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