July 29, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith


So this week was crazy busy! We had an all Ireland conference on Wednesday and it was amazing! I was definitely called to repentance. Elder Teixeira and his wife came and spoke at it. He is so powerful and gave us some very specific things that we need to put into practice and to change. I've never liked being told to change so much in my life haha. I'm excited to be given some specific things that we can do though to help us help our good! This week was really busy with less-actives but we had most of our investigators cancel on us which is hard and frustrating but I'm learning to be more patient which is definitely a good thing because it is definitely a department that I lack in. Sometimes I just want to make people keep there appointments or talk to us but then I remember that "force" was Satan's plan so then I think....ehhhh better not.
We ran into Don again this week and now have an official appointment with him so that is really good. We also started teaching a lady that we chapped into. We taught George again and invited him to be baptized. He said he wants to read and learn more before he makes that decision but he couldn't come to church this week because he was in charge of an activity for his church on Sunday so hopefully this week! The lesson was very amazing the Spirit was so powerful as we explained the Priesthood and baptism. Good stuff!
Funny story of the week:We had a BBQ (since the weather has been unusually amazing!) with the ward mission leader and a less active family on Friday. We were all just talking and having a good time and eating of course but I was cutting my piece of chicken and some how I was able to catapult (not sure how to spell that haha) a big piece of chicken that flew and hit my companion haha it was really funny! Good thing we were outside and everyone just laughed at it.
Also this week I was asked to speak in church. The topic was fasting. Throughout the week I studied and prepared and learned sooooooo much! I have also been called to repentance in this aspect of my life and have learned a lot about how I need to be fasting. Here is a little outline of my talk and quotes/scriptures I used:

"One of the most neglected and yet most needed laws for this troubled generation in a modern world of acceleration and distraction is the law of the fast...The law of the fast is a perfect law and we cannot approach perfection until we decide to make it a part of our lives."

What is the law of the fast?

Alma 6:6- first off it is a commandment

True to the faith defines it as : "Proper observance of fast Sunday includes going without food and drink for two consecutive meals, attending fast and testimony meeting, and giving a fast offering."

How do I fast?

All throughout the scriptures we are taught and commanded to fast. In all these stories we are given the key to a sincere fast. That is to fast and pray. They correspond.
OT- Dan. 9:3 (Daniel "Seeks by prayer and supplication and with fasting")
NT- Matt. 17:14-21 (The Savior teaches the disciples, Strengthen faith by prayer and fasting)
BOM Alma 17:3, 9 (The sons of Mosiah, "Had given themselves to much prayer and fasting" "They fasted and prayed much")

It is so important that we are fasting with much prayer and with a purpose.

Many Purposes:
- worship/expression of gratitude
- ask to bless the sick and afflicted
- help receive personal revelation
- for strength to resist temptation
- to strive to humble self
- exercise faith and sacrifice
- receive guidance in sharing the gospel and church callings
- help to overcome sin and personal weaknesses

(All brings us closer to God, feel of his love and entitles us to receive personal revelation.)

Story Time!

Background: God commanded Alma (the younger) to go and preach to the different villages and cities. He bears strong testimony and asks the people if they know how he knows the gospel is true with a surety.

He replies... "Alma 5:46"

Alma shares with us a very important message. That is the power in fasting. This is the same Alma that was a son of a prophet (Mosiah 26:8). The same Alma that was a High Priest and was visited by angels. And how did he know with a surety?!
By much fasting and prayer.

Personal Experience!

End of high school was approaching and I had a question....What do I do with my life? Broad but over time it narrowed and as I fasted and prayed about it over a good period of time I was directed to do certain things and had different experience that led me to where I am standing today.

- Apply to Universities (some acceptance and some denial)
- Sell Horses
- Quit Job
- Go to Alaska
- Reapply to BYU

Over a year ago when I fasted and prayed about that question I never expected the answer to be a mission but through consistency of much prayer and fasting there is no doubt that the Lord guided and prepared me to come.

Wrap up...

This commandment we have been given is a great blessing. It is a time that we humble ourselves and sacrifice to strengthen our relationships with our Heavenly Father and Savior. It is a time of communication and revelation. As we fast and pray we are entitled to receive answers by the spirit of God.

Let us obey the Law of the fast and give a small sacrifice for the one that sacrificed EVERYTHING for us...And yet we will still receive blessings for it.

Close with Helaman 5:35

Bear testimony... Have Doubts? Fears? Questions? In need of help? Fast!

The End.

It goes along perfectly with my email last week. Apply them together and I learned so much...cant wait for fast Sunday!!!! It is such a blessing to fast!

It was a really good week! Oh and good news! Winifred from My last area is getting baptized on Sunday!!! So Exciting!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you all!

Sister Moore


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