July 23, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith


So this week has been so busy it is insane! Exhausting but It is soo good!

This week we did a lot of work with the less active members from the ward. We went through the list and tried by a lot of them! It was really good because we have been able to get in with a lot of them and are getting them to come to church and re-take the lessons...we had five less active out at church this week which is super awesome!!! On Wednesday this week we had a packed day! We didn't even get a full lunch or any dinner haha because appointments went long and we got calls to come visit people, the buses stopped running, anyways it was really crazy and kinda stressful because we were running late everywhere and we were like an hour late to an appointment that we had with a less active. Because of this I felt myself get a little mad inside, not with anyone just at the situation and it was terrible. I hate contention even if it isn't visible it is just the worst thing ever! So I caught myself and told myself..."Sister Moore, that attitude isn't going to help anything!" I said a little prayer in my heart that I would just cool it and that just realized that everything was going. We finally got to the less actives house and she was totally fine with it and still let us in. And from there everything ran so smoothly! We had a good lesson, some good shortbread cookies, the buses started running again and we got back to the flat just on time! My prayer was definitely answered and I was taught a very important lesson that day. Not only that day but relying on the Lord has been a theme this week. President Brown came down for interviews this week and we talked a lot about personal prayers. I needed to hear every word of it and it was really good to see President and Sister Brown. This week we taught our investigator Edward (from Zimbabwe) and it went really good. We had been having trouble a little language barrier but it was exciting to really see him understand this week and come to church. He has a baptismal date and is really close just a few things we need to work out but the Lord will provide a way. This week the Lord really blessed us with people to find and talk to. We are teaching this man from India that really loves Jesus. We gave him a Book of Mormon on Thursday went back Saturday and he had already read to 2 Nephi. He is awesome and loves it when we pray. We met a younger lady named Janeen. She was super sweet and talked to us for quite a bit on her doorstep and invited us to come back this week. She shared a lot with us and has truly been prepared to hear the gospel. Then just last night we were walking out of the flat to go finding and we were on the corner of the street trying to figure out on a map where to go. We were both looking down at the map and heard this voice ask, " What do you guys do?" We looked up and it was this little black guy. He said he had seen us around and just wondered what we do. We explained to him and he thought it was pretty cool. He then asked us who our favourite bible heroes were so we talked a little bit about that and he told us he had to get home but to walk with him there. We had a good discussion about Christ and the Book of Mormon. He is probably one of the funniest people I have met out here. His name is Don and he is from Jamaica. For anyone that has every seen the movie "Cool Runnings" He is like an exact replica of Sainka (I don't know how to spell it but you get the point). He is just like him and I was cracking up the whole time. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about go watch "Cool Runnings" and you will understand perfectly who I was talking with. Before he left he asked if we were hommies and if he could tell him more about what we believe he had us write down questions that he wanted answered and gave us a package of biscuits. He is the best! But wait it gets better....later that night we got a phone call from a man named Frank. He said that he was Don's friend and that Don showed him the Book of Mormon and told him about our conversation and that he wanted to learn too. He is from Zimbabwe and lives with Don. It was way awesome! We got an appointment set up this week that I am super excited for because they are pretty funny!!!

I read a couple talks that are really good this week so if any of you get the chance read them because they are amazing. They are both by Kevin W. Pearson. One is Improving Personal Prayers and the other is Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of my favourite talks along with His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox (Thanks Dad!) anyway they are really good. They touched me and helped me better realize the importance of faith and prayer. Not only on a separate basis but in working hand in hand. If we really truly understood the relationship that is there with our Heavenly Father then our prayers and faith would be positively affected. I have come to know and realize this a little better as I remember not too long ago sitting in an apartment in Provo while I was up at BYU. I was kind of down that day wishing that I was in sunny Arizona not having to study for midterms in a place where I didn't have any family or many friends. At this point in time all I wanted to do was talk to my Dad. And that is exactly what I did. I called up my Dad and we had one the best talks ever. During that period of time I can remember daily calls like that whether I phoned him first or as I was walking home that I got a phone call from him. In times of need and in times of gratitude It was one of my favourite times of the day when I got to talk to my Dad on the phone. Here on my mission I can't do that but I have gained a greater knowledge of the reality of our Heavenly Father and his role as just that, Our Father. He is there for us. Call upon him daily and make an effort to really remember who you are talking to. Try to picture him listening and listen for promptings back because you aren't the only one in the communication. Don't just speak at God but speak with him. I know He is there. He loves us and listens to us. Pour out your hearts to him in gratitude and let him know how you are doing. He wants so badly to hear from you and as we do this it truly brings happiness and a peace that can't be found anywhere else. Yes prayer can be hard work but that is how it is supposed to be. It can take a lot of thought, humility, time, remembrance and concentration. But how else are we supposed to appreciate it? We must learn to pour out our whole souls and hearts. Realizing what we are actually doing when we pray is such an important thing to remember. I have truly appreciated what I have learned and that I have been able to strengthen my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father this week I am so grateful for that communication. I know that this gospel is true and I love it more than I can express. I love my Savior and my Heavenly Father and I am full of gratitude for all they have blessed me with especially this opportunity I have to serve and to have such great family and friends like all of you! Know that I love you and pray for you!

Sister Moore


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