July 17, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith

A Lovely Sunny Week!

Okay so not much time today...sorry
But I will just quickly tell a couple stories and explain the pictures.

So first of all the first picture is the remainder of that stack of wood I sent last week after they burned in it on the 12th. We stayed inside all day and it was so boring but good because a bunch of riots broke out and I think 9 police men were injured and some Parliament guy was knocked out. When we were able to come out the next day all those big stacks of wood had been burned so there were steaming and smoking piles of ash everywhere. The other two picture are of this crazy lady in the ward. Joyce! She is so funny and quite the character. We visit her once a week and it is always a good time. You kinda just have to meet her to know what I am talking about but it is good.

This week has been great just like ever other. The Lord is blessing us like crazy with people to teach and we are working with a lot of less actives right now. Again sorry this is so short I promise it will be better when I have my full time next week! Love you all!

Love, Sister Moore


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