July 8, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith

Weekly Email!!

Well Hello Everyone!

It has been a good week. A week of learning experiences for sure but good! First off, the weather is heavenly! No rain all sun! Super rare but glorious! I haven't had to wear my wool tights so it is pretty exciting! Adjusting to the new area is going pretty well. This area is A LOT bigger than my last so a lot of the time I am just lost but it will come with time. We have been incredibly busy which is great but I have definitely felt it hit me as I wake up every morning pretty exhausted but I find that as I lose myself in the work that tiredness and fatigue is lost. The Lord has truly blessed me. I have seen him strengthen my weaknesses and He provides a way for every task He calls us to do. This week we had several visitors in our ward from the states. Several of them came up and talked to me just asking where I was from, how long I have been out, and how I was liking it. I was also asked how long it took me to be able to understand the people because they said they could not understand what anyone was saying. I realized that the Lord has really blessed me in being able to understand the people. That was something I was worried about before I came out but I can honestly say that I have understood everyone except this super old lady that mixed all her words together. I most of the time don't even recognize the accent which means that sadly no, I won't be coming home with one. But on the bright and glorious side the Lord has blessed me! This week I had one of the scariest moments I have had on my mission so far. We were walking down the street and there was this older lady that was really drunk and was just stumbling all over the place. She came up to us and was really upset telling us that she was not happy here on the earth that everything is so bad and she didn't want to live anymore. She was in a really bad state because of this and it was really hard for me to see. We couldn't teach much because of her state of mind but we wrote in a Book of Mormon and put it in her handbag hoping for the best. We somehow got her address out of it and called her a taxi to take her home. As we helped her get in the taxi she cried and just asked us to help her and pray for her. This week we went back and visited her. She was sober and doing a lot better but really needed that visit. She remembered us and said she had found the book we gave her but had not read any of it. She said she would and we taught her a little lesson. She said she might come out to church with us which would be great because I know that the gospel can help her! We got to teach a lot of less active members and are getting several of them to meet with us regularly, take the lessons again and get some of them back out to church. It is great! We also have a new investigator from Fiji!!!! His name is Fox. He is so good! He is a soldier and one of his friends in the Army is a member and comes out to church so he has been coming out to church as well. He is golden. He has already been out to church three times and has that desire to learn and is willing to put in that effort that it takes! I am excited to continue to teach him! Oh we also have bikes in this area which is super fun but soooo hard to ride in a skirt...I gotta find some new skirts haha. This week the streets have been a little crazy because the 12th of July is coming up. I think it is their Independence Day or something I am not really sure but we have to stay in that day because it gets pretty crazy and riotous sometimes. It is kind of funny though to walk through the streets because all over Belfast they are collecting these huge piles of wood that they burn on the 12th. They are everywhere and the kids build them into forts and kinda protect them in a sense. It is pretty crazy how big some of them get. I will attach a picture of a medium sized pile. These are literally everywhere!!!!!! Part of me wants to be able to be out on the 12th just to see them light all of these on fire! It must be crazy!!! Sorry that this is so short but it has been a great week! Continue to Press Forward and the Lord will bless you!

Hayden and Colton, congrats! I want to hear from you WRITE ME!!!!!

Love you all!!!!

Sister Moore


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