July 1, 2013


Belfast, Northern Ireland


Sister Galbraith

Hola Familia!

Well Howdy,
What a CRAZY week! So honestly I can't remember anything that happened at the beginning of the week because everything that came before Wednesday is a blur. Last week before moves call my trainer (Sister Ryan) kept saying that she had a funny feeling about moves but that nothing was likely to happen because we were in the middle of training. Well moves call came on Sunday and what do you know....We were all staying. When Sister Ryan got off the phone with the zone leaders she said, "Good news those weird feelings were a false alarm." Well days went on... and Wednesday night after a wonderful P-day we spent in Portrush and on the beach we all got in bed at 10:30 and not long after the phone rang. Sister Ryan looked over and as she answered it she had the most worried face. I understood once I heard her say..."Hello President." After a few short words she handed the phone to me. President Brown asked how I was doing and informed me that he had a change in assignment for me and that due to illness a Sister was sent home and that I would be going to serve in the Holywood (pronounced Hollywood) Ward in Belfast. He didn't give me much detail except he asked me if I was okay and said that the Zone leaders would phone in the morning with more travel details. I was completely taken by surprise. I have to say I was not expecting that to happen at all and I was pretty gutted. I LOVE L'Derry, Sister Ryan, Sister Cardon and especially the people we were teaching and really progressing with. Of course you move just when you start to get to know the people and the area. I left L'Derry on Friday morning and after a 2 hour bus ride arrived in Belfast. There I met my new companion and follow-up trainer Sister Galbraith from Texas. She has just finished training and was not expecting this either but we are in for a treat! Because of transfers and the Sister that left for home we are whitewashing. Neither of us know the area but it has been so good. We just got in contact the Ward mission leader and got to work. It has been crazy busy but so good. The ward here is fantastic. Very active in missionary work which is awesome and gives us a nice teaching pool. We have lots of Less-actives, recent converts and investigators to work with at the minute. Sunday was really good. We introduced ourselves to the ward and had the opportunity to share our testimonies in sacrament meeting. Everyone was pretty shocked that they had two new sisters but were very welcoming and helpful. Everyone is just so willing to come teaching with us and open up their homes for teaching it is fantastic!!!!!! Best thing ever! It really helps move the work forward when the members are so willing and active in missionary work. After church a Sister from the ward took us to her home for dinner and to meet her husband who is not a member. It was such a good experience. He is one of the kindest and funniest guys I have ever met! He has been taught several times and has had so many spiritual experiences he just feels like he has to know everything before he joins and whenever the spirit touches him he kinda puts up a wall. He had a crazy and really hard childhood and a lot of that had to do with religion so it is hard for him to accept religion. It was such a good lesson though and we committed him to read and pray everyday this week. His wife is just the sweetest thing ever! She made dinner for us yesterday, took us out for lunch today and took us shopping today. The whole ward including the youth and YSA are just so supportive and all introduced themselves giving us their numbers for joint teaches and really just so willing to help. It really is fantastic. The people we are teaching are fantastic as well. We haven't gotten to really meet with any of the investigator yet but the less actives and recent converts here are really making progress and great! The sister here before have done some serious work so it is so important that we keep that up. I really do love it here and I am so excited to continue here in Belfast! I know that the Lord has called me here for a reason and I just want to serve in the best possible way I can. I love this work so much! Hope your summer is treating you well! Love you all!

Congrats for Colton going through the temple this upcoming week! Love ya Brotha!
Congratulations Colby! Baby Evelyn is adorable!

-Sister Moore


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