June 10, 2013


Londonderry, Northern Ireland


Sister Cardon and Sister Ryan

Hello Everyone!!

This week has been so incredibly sunny I am just in LOVE!!!! It is really unusual that it is like this. Everyone says that it hasn't been like this forever and to take a picture of the blue sky because it is rare that we will see it again. It has been a benefit to us!" More people are out and happy and somewhat more willing to talk or at least start to talk. It is just so nice to see the sun so I'm soaking it all in while I can! I love every part of the day but I have really come to just absolutley Love and cherish personal study. How awesome is it that I have the blessing and opportunity to sit and just study and feast on all the things (Book of Mormon, Bible, PMG...) that the Lord has blessed us with and just receive revelation and being touched by the Spirit. This week John 15 just really jumped out at me! I LOVE it so much! There is so much greatness filled in those 27 verses. In it Christ is talking about love. He teaches us that he loves us but also that our Heavenly Father loves us and that they both continually love us. He continues to teach and command us to love and the reason is because it brings joy. Christ loves us more than we can comprehend. He loves us with a perfect love and knows us perfectly. That is so comforting and amazing to me because sometimes I feel like I don't even know myself that well. He laid down his life for each of us and performed the greatest act of love. I have noticed that as I sacrifice and really reach down deep to do all that I can possilbly do to bring this message to the people here in Londonderry that a love forms. A deep love and desire that I just want everyone to accept and have this Gospel in their lives. I know and have felt the Atonement and blessings of Christ and his church and I want everyone to have that as well. As I walk the streets and get rejected, yelled at and things even thrown at me I can't help but love them and just so strongly have the desire for them to accept this message. In these times Christ is feeling these same things but even on a much greater and deeper level than we can comprehend. In John 15 He expresses these feelings and just leaves some of the most encouraging words. He expresses that he knows that in following Him we will be hated. We will be hated for being his "friends." He promises the comforter and quite frankly what other people think about me doesn't matter because of that. I have the greatest friend that will ever be and that is my Savior Jesus Christ. He is with me. He knows me. And he comforts and strenghtens me (Alms 26:12). This week we had an all Ireland conference in Dublin. It was really good. I love when I get to see and talk to President and Sister Brown. I love them so much. I played the piano and I know it is ridiculous but I was terrified and my hands and feet were shaking so bad! I was pretty much praying the whole time I was playing and I know only because of that I was able to make it through the songs smoothly because are you supposed to play the piano when you're shaking so much you're practically having a seizure?! It was a miracle and a blessing I really am so grateful for that opportunity to play the piano. On the way back from Dublin we were driving with the Elders from Letterkenny and we came across some sheep that had gotten out of the fields onto the road and so we stopped and I jumped out because I wanted to catch one but they were all too fast. So I jumped back in the car and they were all laughing at me but it was funny. I do have to say its not the only road trip I've been on where chasing sheep has occured, its actually becoming a tradition (cough...cough... JACEY and SHAE). It was a good day but slowed our week a little bit. This week we really focused on Majella (the lady we met last Sunday and her brother had just died). I really learned the importance of planning and praying to be able to ask inspired questions. On Thursday morning when we were planning what we were going to teach her that day we came up with a couple questions that we thought we needed to ask and discuss with her. We were able to study them out, pray and ponder them. That day when we went and taught her she asked almost every single one of the quesstion were had planned to ask and discuss with her. The Lord is preparing her. It is such a miracle. Later that week we went and taught her again and her son had come to listen and talk to us. He is a pretty devout catholic and has all his beliefs but was really nice and sincere in questions he had. We had a good discussion about Joseph Smith and authority. Apparently I had stopped him on the street the other day and had briefly talked to him and gave him a pamphlet. To tell the truth I don't remeber it at all...We stop and talk to so many people and I just have one of the worst memories and observations. I'm working on it! But it was good he invited us to have BBQ sometime at his house with his family and said that he would come to church in a couple weeks so that was really awesome. I even saw him slip a Book of Mormon in his bag so there is some level of interest there. He said the closing prayer and it was very sincere. He thanked Heavenly Father for us and that we have been able to meet and help his mom. He also asked that we be kept safe, which we always appreciate because we have seen and experienced some crazy things haha. We had 3 Less actives come to church this week after visiting and talking with them which is super awesome and exciting! We just need to get our investigators out because I know they will love it and feel the spirit. I am truly blessed to be here on a mission serving. I am just full of gratitude to the Lord for leading me to this point in my life. I know that I am supposed to be here even though it was kind of a hard decision for me to make. The Lord prepared me and I am just so so so grateful that He has called me to this work. I can't imagine doing anything else right now!

Hope all is well with everyone! Enjoy the summer and sun!

Love Sister Moore


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